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Riya Is Geeting Jealous From Suhani


The 15th December 2021 episode of your favorite serial Sirf Tum begins where Riya gets jealous to see Ranveer concerned towards Suhani because he goes to her home, in the ambulance so that, he can bring her to the college at the correct time because he does not want that she could miss even a single lecture. Because her dedication towards her career or doctor is commendable enough, and hence she deserves to get all lectures at the same time because it will be proven beneficial for her.

Sirf Tum 15th December 2021

Meanwhile, Riya comes to know that recently Suhani gets a sprain because of which she got late, and therefore, Ranveer went to bring her. But it seems strange according to her perspective because his concern is crossing all the barricades, which indicates that he loves her. Therefore, she is getting jealous because somewhere she loves him and does not want to see him with another girl, especially Suhani. Because she wants to get, married to him.

Sirf Tum 15th Dec 2021

After a while, Ranveer entered Suhani’s house through an ambulance and as she gets shocked to see him in such a condition, meanwhile, he goes to her room and says that do not worry he is here to bring her to the college so that, she can not miss even a single lecture of medical science, Suhani wonders that Ranveer is such a nice guy. Because he cares for her and therefore he came to her house so that, she can attend the lectures of science.

Meanwhile, Ranveer makes her understand that he can not see her in pain because she matters a lot to him. Therefore as soon as he came to know about her injury he could not make him stop in the college. Hence, he brought an ambulance so that, she doe not have any problem until she reaches the college, and gradually, Suhani is also feeling for him as his best gesture regarding her concern. Because recently he has done many favors for her, and therefore, she also started feeling for him.

In the previous episode, the audience has watched that Ranveer has beaten all those guys whose involvement has been reported in the viral scandal of Suhani. Even Ansh was also involved in the case and therefore Ranveee beat him up to the extent and warned him to not do such things again otherwise he will not let him go at any cost. But Suhani consoled him by saying that there is no need to waste his energy to these guys.

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