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Robbie Roper Death Hoax Real Or Fake? Find Out is He Dead Or Alive?


Currently, rumours regarding the death of QB Robbie Roper has surfaced on the internet. Netizens are discussing if the quarterback has actually passed away or not. The confusion is evident among internet users as some reports are claiming that he is dead while some others are stating that he is still alive. Well, no one happens to know the actual truth behind the death hoax. We have got this topic covered and tried to find out the truth if Robbie Roper is dead or alive. Check the article to get all the details of the ongoing rumours.

QB Robbie Roper

Multiple condolences were offered when the rumours started to circulate on social media that Robbie Roper has died on Wednesday, December 22, 2021. After the news came to the light, Christian Robinson took to Twitter to express his sadness on Roper’s untimely demise. Robinson wrote that his prayers and thoughts are with Robbie’s family and with all associated with the Roswell HS community. He concluded the post by writing “Isaiah 41:10”.

Robbie Roper Dead Or Alive?

When the news spread like wildfire, Alligator Army came forward and stated that a few tweets are indicating the death of Robbie Roper today. They continued that there is no concrete reporting on this news yet. Alligator Army went on to say that if the news holds any truth, they are sharing their prayers with his family and all the people who knew him. However, some section of people including Nick de la Torre has been claiming that Robbie is not dead.

Nick claimed that he has spoken to someone who is close to Roper’s family and has found out that he is still alive. Nick also announced that Robbie might not have died but his health still happens to be in a bad condition. Nick Torre further stated that Robbie is fighting and asked the public to keep his family in prayers. After Nick confirmed Robbie Roper’s death news fake, netizens have been discussing it once again.

One user wrote on Twitter that within the past 10 minutes, he was been told that Robbie had died but he has also been told that the news is not true and that he is still fighting for his survival. Talking about the same, Miles Garrett also shared with the people that Robbie Roper who is one of the best young quarterbacks in Georgia is reportedly facing a bad medical situation. He wrote that he is hoping for the best for him and his family.

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