Rubén Fuentes dead, composer of ‘La Bikina’, dies at the age of 95

Rubén Fuentes, recognized for having composed songs such as La Bikina, died at the age of 95, as reported by the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico (SACM) through a statement he published on his social networks.

Songs by Ruben Fuentes
Ruben Fuentes was born on February 15, 1926 in Zapotlan El Grande, Jalisco. During the golden age of RCA Victor, the composer distinguished himself as arranger, producer and artistic director.

The musician wrote songs such as La Bikina, a song made famous by Luis Miguel, although it has been sung by other singers before. He also composed another song by Luis Miguel ¿ Sabes una cosa.

One of the singers who dubs more than 40 songs by Rubén Fuentes is Pedro Infante. Topics he explains include: Letters to the Uphemia, Cup after Cup or Centennial.

Rubén Fuentes also wrote the songs Luz y Sombra, Que murmuren and Escándalo recorded by Marco Antonio Muñiz.

La Bikina is a song that has been sung over the years by Lucha Villa, Sonia La Unica, Alberto Vázquez and others, but without a doubt Luis Miguel’s version is the most recognizable and the most popular, and is included in his Album “Vivo”.

The identity of the song’s protagonist has been a mystery, but there are several versions. The reason we are given the name of the song is that it is said that La Bikina composer Rubén Fuentes was walking on the beach with his son and when the boy saw women in bikinis, he mentioned that they should be called “bikini” .

Another version mentions that the song was inspired by the Song of Christ epic that took place in Mexico in the 1920s, when there was a war between Catholics defending their religion from the government.

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