Rudy Giuliani masked singer video leaked, whats happened?

A source close to the set told us that Ken Jeong was unhappy with the masked singer’s decision to have Rudy Giuliani as a contestant.

During last week’s taping for the season 7 premiere of the Fox series, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was revealed as one of the candidates, Deadline first reported.

Zheng and fellow judge Robin Thicke, 52, both left the stage after Giuliani was revealed as a contestant, according to media reports. Other judges, Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger, who reportedly remained on stage after the unveiling, had a brief conversation with Giuliani, who is also a former attorney for former President Donald Trump.

Rudy Giuliani masked singer video

“Ken was very upset and actually rushed out,” the source said. “Robin actually followed him because he and Ken were very close friends and he wanted to see him. Robin didn’t go mad because of Giuliani.”

A second source told PEOPLE that Zheng felt the decision to put Giuliani on the show was “disrespectful.”

“Ken felt disrespectful and angry when he saw Rudy under the mask, that’s why he walked away. He couldn’t hide his feelings,” the insider said.

Jeong, who received a medical degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and practiced medicine in Los Angeles for many years, has long expressed political views in stark contrast to Giuliani, the insider added.

“Ken was very vocal about how the previous administration handled many things, especially COVID-19, and found that much of what they said was not only wrong, but dangerous,” the insider said. “He would be upset if someone on his show helped spread misinformation and questioned the veracity of our elections and democracy.”

Representatives for the masked singer had no comment when contacted. A representative for Jeong did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Giuliani, 77, has been a controversial figure throughout his political career, but he has come under special scrutiny since he served as Trump’s personal lawyer.

Last year, federal agents searched Giuliani’s home and office during an investigation into Giuliani’s work in Ukraine. “Mr. Giuliani respects the law and he can demonstrate that his actions as a lawyer and as a citizen were completely lawful and ethical,” his lawyer said in a statement after the raid, according to the Associated Press.

In June 2021, he was suspended from practicing law at an appeals court in New York, which said he made “proven false and misleading statements” about Trump’s loss to Biden in the 2020 election.

His erratic behavior in recent years has also drawn attention, including the viral video of him sweating profusely at a Trump press conference, his infamous appearance in the Borat follow-up film, and when he sat in the airport Posing with a shaved face. Dinning room.

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Giuliani isn’t the first politician to run for “The Masked Singer,” which will air its seventh season on Fox on March 9.

In March 2020, former Alaska governor, former vice president, and hopeful TV personality Sarah Palin was revealed as a bear in the show’s third season.

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