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Rules for constructive communication between students and employers


Every day a student has to communicate with different people and at different levels. For friends, one style of communication is suitable, for teachers — a completely different one. But if a student already has a job, he has to master a completely new type of communication — with his managers.

don’t forget study should be your priority while you are still at College.

The first option can become a permanent job for an intern with the possibility of career growth. Therefore, relations with colleagues and superiors should be built especially carefully. However, even if there are no career claims in this company, it is better to do without conflicts and clarification of relations. Writing skills are as important as communication skills for students. There are so many various assignments at College, that’s why WritingAPaper is a very useful tool for students. With further employment, good recommendations will not be superfluous.

Temporary work in the service sector is unlikely to be a career boost. But it will give an excellent opportunity to learn how to communicate in conflict situations and improve communication skills.

It doesn’t matter who exactly runs the company: a professor with an academic degree or an individual entrepreneur without higher education. In this case, the distribution is as follows: he is the boss — you are… subordinate.

Where can I learn to communicate with managers?

Only at work. Or by reading the theory. Because neither at school nor at university there is such a subject as “superintendence”. You can study the basics of psychology, where the teacher will talk about the mental processes that continuously occur in the human head. But hardly anyone will explain how to connect these processes with real life. So get ready to learn and develop communication skills in real life.

Most large companies have a psychologist specialist. Often, his duties are performed by an employee of the HR department who has a specialized education. It’s great if training on the formation and development of interpersonal communication skills are held periodically in the office.

How to build communication with an employer

Before you start work, carefully study the responsibilities and internal regulations in this organization. To do this, ask questions to the person who hires you. Let him announce these rules, and you, when signing the contract, carefully make sure that all the points correspond to what has been said.

There are cases of non-compliance with agreements. The boss at the reception talks about loyalty to employees, and after a month begins to tighten the screws.

Show personal interest in the case

Since you have settled here, you will have to take this place as a part of your life. You do not just perform the necessary actions for a fee, but serve a common cause. In addition, work gives a good educational bonus – the acquisition of a skill.

When communicating with the boss, the eyes should burn with a bright fire. Be active, offer new things, participate in discussions and events of the company, be a diligent and responsible employee, be part of the whole, even if it is a team of janitors of housing department No. 33.

Remember: for any manager, his business is always in the first place. If he sees that you have no interest, then the need for you may soon disappear.

Move-in the flow or look for another flow

Employers do not like it when one of the employees begins to actively (even if in the interests of the company) bend in the wrong direction. Every company has its own goals, which you may not see or understand.

What you need to remember about work (especially about the first one): initiative is punishable. Especially if you manifest it within the framework of a long-established system. Just think: the boss founded the company 20 years ago, came up with rules that have long grown into a tradition, and then you come (a fresh head) and begin to actively destroy the foundations.

What will the boss feel? That’s right: dislike. He takes the situation as a personal insult. Therefore, you should not be surprised if you find yourself soon, along with your brilliant idea, not where you planned.

This does not mean that you need to be silent and not speak out. On the contrary – offer, but not persistently. Even if the offer did not have to go to court, it’s okay, because you were noticed.

Perhaps your next offer will be most welcome.

Be diligent… in moderation

And only within the framework of their official duties!

Don’t let your managers burden you with extra work. Agree to it only on the condition that you will be paid for every extra hour of work. Take care of yourself. You are primarily a student, and you need to spend your main efforts on studying, and not on improving the welfare of your managers.

If you feel pressure from the leadership, do not tolerate and even more so do not inflame the conflict. You need to calmly convey your position. Remind yourself that this job is very important to you, but it is only an addition to your studies. Gently hint at the terms of the contract for which the person was originally hired.

In most cases, no one will fire you for this. Firstly, there will be no grounds. Secondly, the boss is likely to agree with this position. If an employee properly executes assignments, it is unprofitable for the employer to look for another person and again waste time on his training.

Learn to defend your interests peacefully and don’t be afraid to lose something.

There are exceptions. If the boss has dictatorial habits, it is better to say goodbye to him as soon as possible.

Don’t be afraid to contact your boss directly

If there is a personal request, claim, suggestion, do not rely on third parties. This is not a school where many problems could be solved with a teacher through a class teacher or parents.

There are many predators in the adult world. You can share ideas with a colleague, and he will pass them off as his own. Or somehow incorrectly convey the request. Never involve third parties if there is an opportunity to communicate in person.

Need to leave early? Go and explain why, rather than arrange a secret escape under the cover of a colleague. Are you late? Call and tell us the reason, so as not to be like a second grader who overslept the first lesson. Didn’t cope with the task? Again, explain to yourself what exactly failed.

This is called being responsible for your actions.

Shyness, fear of authoritative people deprives many of the opportunity to become the same. Strive for such communication, because the bosses have something to learn.

A working student is commendable. The desire to gain financial independence as early as possible is worthy of respect. You can also get customer feedback that will help you to become a better person. Having said this, don’t forget study should be your priority while you are still at College.

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