Rupi Expresses His Rage Towards Fateh

The 23rd March 2022 episode of Udaariyaan is bringing a high voltage drama for the audience where you will watch that Fateh has fixed the tent in front of the house of Rupi as he has decided to get Tejo at any cost while apologizing to Rupi. As soon as he comes to know about Fateh’s exploit Rupi’s anger crosses all the barricades, as Fateh is doing everything against him. Rupi mentions that now he will talk to Fateh strictly because he is the one who does not understand the language of the tongue, in short, Rupi is going to do something big.

Udaariyaan Written Update 23rd March 2022: Rupi Expresses His Rage Towards Fateh

At the same time, Fateh announces that as long as Rupi accepts his apology while giving Tejo’s hand in his hand he will not remove this tent will continue to apologize. In short, Fateh is adamant about his words now, but Rupi is stone-hearted and decided to refuse his apology. Because somewhere he alleges Fateh as the prime cause behind the unhappiness of his daughters, hence, he has taken a pledge to take him away from Tejo and Jasmine no matter what happens. But besides this, Fateh really falls in love with Tejo and wants to get her at any cost.

Udaariyaan Today’s Written Episode

On the other hand, Jasmine also agreed to Rupi because she came to know through the priest that if Fateh marries Tejo so one will lose their life for sure, so, therefore, she does not want to lose anyone else from her family. Therefore, she is agreeing with Rupi and makes him understand that no matter what happens but there is no need to accept Fateh’s apology. In short, Jasmine is making her close ones safe from the upcoming tragedies, meanwhile, Rupi makes sure Jasmine that she does not need to think more and leave everything on him he will handle everything.

After a while, Tejo goes to Jasmine and asks her why she is favoring Rupi despite knowing that he is a villain of her love story but meantime, Jasmine tries to make Tejo understand that Fateh is not a good one for her so therefore, she does not need to make her life happy with him. Tejo wonders that Jasmine is hiding something but she does not ask her as she thinks to find out it by herself. So let’s see what will happen next, so do not miss streaming it on Colors at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us.

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