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Sakshi Tries To Separate Purvi And Virender


The all-new episode begins with Renu is telling Sakshi that Virender only loves Purvi as he is still thinking about her even after getting the truth. Sakshi says no need to worry she will take care of that, she calls the anonymous person and asks her to come to the guest room, the person later identified Gulabo one of the servants. Sakshi introduced Gulabo to Renu. The next day Purvi informed Renu that she going to the market. Gulabo goes after Purvi. After a while, Gulabo goes to Sakshi and informs her that Purvi is in the market along with a mysterious man. Get more information with Molkki Written Episode updates.

Molkki Written Update 29th November 2021 Episode: Sakshi Tries To Separate Purvi And Virender

Renu planned to take Virender to the market so that he can catch her red-handed with the person. Sakshi allows her. Renu takes Virender and the kids to the market. She noticed Purvi at a shop and takes Virender and the kids there. Virender is about to call Purvi but Renu stops her, he then turns around and noticed Purvi. He then calls Purvi and asks her where is she, but Purvi lies and says that she is swamped with NGO work and hung up the call. He heads to Purvi and noticed that she isn’t alone.

Molkki Today’s Written Update 29th Nov 2021

Virender then asks who is she along with, Purvi replies that she came to give him the books so he takes them to NGO. Purvi further says but he is busy as well, so she is going to give the books. Virender then tells her that he was thinking you were lying to me. he sends Kids along with Renu and himself stays with Purvi to spend some time along with her. Renu returns home and tells Sakshi that you are trying to do is impossible and Virender and Purvi can’t be separated ever.

Sakshi says that she only needs to know about that mysterious man with whom Purvi was in the market as bait to separate them. Virender goes to pick the landline, meanwhile, Purvi noticed that the mobile battery got drained, she stops Virender and picks the call. Purvi on call says that they will meet at Sarpal today. Purvi is unaware that her conversation has been overheard by Purvi, she asks Virender to keep an eye on Purvi, but Virender taunts her. Tune in to Colors at 10 PM and watch the complete episode. Get more on Molkki Written Update here at Social Telecast.

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