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Samar Refuses To Marry Simar


The 29th November 2021 episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 begins where Gajendra asks someone that have they used any strong word against Simar, but he does not reply to him. Meanwhile, Gajendra asks if he has a soft corner for her so he should tell him, but he refuses by saying that she is too stubborn and arrogant as well. Because whenever someone tried to make her understand about upcoming circumstances, she behaves weirdly which is inappropriate enough, but one USP about her is that when someone says even a single word against her family, then she expresses her rage up to the next level.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 (SSK2) Written Update 29th Nov 2021: Samar Refuses To Marry Simar

On another side, Aarav is thinking about Simar, and meanwhile, he recalls whatever his Badi Maa said to him. He says that no one is happy with him as Vivaan recently mentioned, he is going through great confusion because he will have to choose one between Simar and the rest of his family because no one is ready to stay with each other due to personal issues. At the same time, he wonders that Simar told him that whenever two ways come in front of him so he should go with his heart.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Written Episode

Then Gajendra asks Samar about his decision now because many confusions are taking place between them, Samar replies that he does not need to marry someone. Because he loves his passion for music and wants to follow the same without having any problem. Extempore, Gajendra says that he heard her singing which is commendable enough because she has the appropriate melody in her voice which is very rare and appreciable, so if he makes a pair with her in the manner of singing, so they will be made their admirers crazy enough. Therefore he asks him to think twice before taking even a single decision about his future.

Later, Indu Ji asks Avinash and Gagan to send Prashad to their neighbors meanwhile she brings Simar to the temple area, and puts her hand on the burned Diya which is kept in front of Goddess, and asks her to make a promise that she will never meet Aarav in the future. Simar gets shocked to hear and asks why she is saying this even Aaran is getting helpless as Simar is going through pain, but her mother says that no matter what happens but she will not meet him and his family.

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