Sandra Zaiter dead and obituary, popular children’s show host Passed Away – Cause Of Death

Sandra Zaiter, singer, musician, composer, writer and pedagogue who worked in children’s programs, has died at the age of 79. A source close to the artist confirmed that she died in a hospital located in the metropolitan area.

Zaiter was adored by the Puerto Rican public. He obtained public recognition for his social and educational work throughout his life. Zaiter was born in the Dominican Republic to an Italian mother and a Lebanese father. She immigrated to this land when she was a child with her parents.

Without a bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy from the University of Puerto Rico, she began working as a teacher at the age of 19. This was because her professional vocation was teaching, which she continued throughout her career.

She joined the television show Telecomicos as a replacement for Rita Aragón, the daughter of Emilio Aragón. This happened by chance, although she had been involved in acting for some time.

In 2000, Sandra Zaiter sat down at her house with her mother and three of her aunts for an interview. Second from the left is Sandra.

Sandra Zaiter shared her knowledge with the students of the Luis Muñoz Rivera School in the Amelia Guaynabo neighborhood in 2001.

Sandra Zaiter met several artists and athletes at a press conference given by Sila María Calderón, Governor of Colombia, in 2002. At the conference, Zaiter posed with Elvis Crespo, Nydia Caro, Víctor Manuelle, Raymond Arrieta and Chucho Avellanet from left to right. .

Sandra Zaiter attended a press conference given by Sila María Calderón, governor of the province, in 2002. At the conference, Ella Sandra shared the stage with other artists and athletes to talk about some special community projects. At the conference she was photographed with Nydia Caro, Victor Manuelle, Chucho Avellanet, Raymond Arrieta and Elvis Crespo.

In 2002, Rafael Madera Vargas, who works for the Mental Retardation Program, received the Sandra Zaiter First Prize during an activity for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

In 2002, Heriberto Castro photographed Rafael Madera Vargas of the Mental Retardation Program at left. Madera Vargas received the Sandra Zaiter First Prize for his activity on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Rikavisión Channel 7 featured Sandra and Rikalandia, a program he directed together with the puppeteer Filipo Tirado in the role of ‘El Profe’.

If he had not suffered an accident on the island of Icacos on September 13, 1975, he would probably have achieved international fame.

Sandra shared a day at the beach with someone that day. However, she decided to take “the last dip” before leaving. Unfortunately, the tide went out and caused her body to crash against the rocks, breaking her neck and leaving her quadriplegic. Despite this unfortunate event, Sandra’s energy, strength of spirit, and intelligence kept her going.

By using a camera and microphone in a small studio, she was able to fulfill her life’s purpose as a teacher. She shared this message with thousands of families through her work as a television teacher. In an interview with El Nuevo Día, she commented on this honor: “I have always been a teacher; this is my calling. It is my purpose in life to be and I had the privilege of being through a microphone and a camera in a small studio. Many parents even entrusted their children to me through television.”

Titi Sandra was affectionately known by children as ‘Aunt Sandra’. She loved birds, cats, and pets alike; they all shared her love and care for her. Titi Sandra lost the ability to have children due to the fragility of her vertebrae. Furthermore, her aspirations to become her mother involuntarily disappeared. Instead, she loved and cared for several generations of Puerto Rican children; some pets, some birds and some children.

While in NYC for 6 months due to an accident in Icacos, Titi Sandra was replaced by various artists. This included Lissette and Olguita Ávarez, Tony Croatto, Glorivee and Raquel Montero; her goal was to keep the project going.

Sandra is a tall and beautiful woman who loves to dance and jump with the children who watch Rikavision Channel 7. She often writes songs and performs them on her show. After an injury that required rehabilitation, Sandra returned to her program in a wheelchair. Since she couldn’t take care of her little ones, she stopped hosting the children’s show.

While in Florence, Italy, the artist met Ettore, an Italian man. Six months later, when she returned to Florence from visiting her maternal grandfather, the two developed a relationship. Both Ettore and hers, another boyfriend of hers, Nelson Grau, a fellow student at Colegio Santa Monica and later a prominent neurosurgeon, were involved with her.

The love that young man inspired in her made her reconsider becoming a nun. However, she was not strong enough to convince her to marry him and move to Italy.

The young Italian’s ignorance of the moment of the accident broke the girl’s heart when she received a letter.

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