Sasural Simar ka 2 Episode 15th February 2022 Written Update Reema sends Aditi’s Wedding Video to Gagan

The makers of Sasural Simar Ka 2 are putting their best to make the show rather captivating and for this, they all are performing their jobs at their best. In the previous episode of the show, we watched that Simar finally confronts Rana Ji where she puts the knife on his neck and threats that if he even dared to stop her from taking all the girls out of the brothel then it will be his last day on the planet. However, later she took all the girls out of the place and leaves with Aditi for her home.

Sasural Simar ka 2

In the latest episode of the show, you will watch that Simar has reached the house and she tells Aarav the entire story saying “Do you know what happened Aarav Ji” Aarav pulls her in his arms and hugs her saying that he was so scared thinking about her. Simar in his arms gets happy because she is in his arms. Aarav tells her that he thought that she is in some trouble. She replies “there was trouble”. She is about to tell him the entire scene she has been through. Meanwhile, a man comes there and says him that Sahib is calling him. Both of them come out of the room, where Pandit says Simar to tie the knot, Simar follows the orders and does the same.

Sasural Simar ka 2

Pandit Ji then says Aditi and Mayank to stand for the seven vows. They start taking rounds while both of them seem to struggle walking. Everyone looks at them and gets confused, Adtit stops and gets scared, she then recalls Simar’s words where she told her that everyone has to move on in life for the betterment, she again starts walking where Reema films the entire scene and sends the clip to Gagan.

As per Reema’s expectations, Gagan watches the wedding clip and gets shocked. Meanwhile, Roma comes there and peeks in her mobile saying “Look bhai even she is moving on in life, she is taking seven vows and you are still thinking about her and making your heart cry, she won’t come back ever try to understand and accept the reality”. Meanwhile, Indu comes there and tries to make him happy saying that she was never his’ and he deserves way better than her. Gagan cries recalling the time that he used to spend with Aditi. The episode ends here to stay connected to get the latest written updates.

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