Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Episode 19th March 2022 Is Simar Exposing Chitra?

Colors’ Sasural Simar ka 2 is now getting even more interesting as compared to before and as you all know that the makers of the show never leave any single stone unturned to grip the audience, therefore, they continue to put some more twists in the script such as previously we watched that Aditi gets pregnant and Gagan gets blamed for this after the news broke Gajendra gets angry and he takes his gun to kill Gagan but someone shoots Gajendra from behind and Gagan gets blamed for that as well, however, Gajendra gets safe but he loses his memory but Simar somehow manages to get a bit of his memory back, though currently, we are watching that Aarav perhaps again falling for Simar.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Latest Episode

So, the latest episode begins with, Yamini Devi coming to Simar and offering her a contract where Simar thinks about but Yamini then says that she should not think much because it is all happening with her grace and she should think about her future instead of recalling her past and thinking of the present. Meanwhile, Samar comes and gives Simar some money and says that they know, her brother is hitting the bars and she wants him to be free from jail, she looks at money, he says that the contract will solve all of her problems and will help further too. She asks him why he is helping her, he replies that he believes that her family is also his family and he cares for them but he knows that they will not take the money from him therefore he is here and wants to help the family through her.

Then Simar makes a call to Aarav and says that she wants to tell him something and she thinks that he should know about this but Aarav there says that he is not able to hear her voice and asks her to speak louder. Meanwhile, Gajendra says that he is sleeping and Aarav’s voice is disturbing him, he then says him to speak in a low volume pitch. Aarav says sorry Papa Ji, and says to Simar that he will talk to her later because he can’t hear her right now, Simar says okay and hangs up the call.

As the show is going in a quite interesting manner so you will watch another twist tonight where Simar tells Aarav that she knows it very well, that what is going on in the house, Giriraj and Chitra stands there and gets shocked and scared thinking what if she exposes them but Badi Maa says that nobody gives a damn about this girl. The episode ends here stay connected to know, what happens next?

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