Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update 11th March Episode 2022 Is Jaya Prada Really Coming in The House

Sasural Simar Ka 2 is now turning more interesting because the makers of the show are leaving no stone turned to make the story captivating and quiet enough to gather attention. In the previous episodes of the show, we watched that Simar and everyone arranged an anniversary celebration for Sandhya and Gajendra and there Simar says that she has another plan that will make Gajendra feel over the moon and in the precap, we watched that Bollywood diva Jaya Prada is coming in the house for the anniversary celebration.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

So, the latest episode of the show begins with, Chitra talking to Giriraj and telling him that Gajendra is safe at this time but when will he be saved in the house. Giriraj tells her not to be so worried because lets children play what they want because until when will they keep him under surveillance. She then says that they should have to think about them and the next step. He replies that he has everything planned in the mind and she should not be worried about them. She looks worried, he replies, let Simar do planning but we must win the final fight, she replies that they have to keep their eyes lock on the aim and should not take Simar lightly.

Meanwhile, Simar comes there and looks at Chitra asking “whose eyes should open?” Chitra replies that they were talking about something else and it was all about the time when she saw Sandhya and therefore she was saying that her eyes were opened at that time. She then asks Simar about her health and greets her, Simar replies that she is all fine and says them to go and get ready for the party, they leave. Then Aarav comes there and looks at Simar, she also looks at him both of them make eye contact, and the theme song plays.

The celebration begins and Simar and Aarav bring Gajendra to the hall where everywhere Jaya Prada’s posters are kept all over. Gajendra looks around and asks them what is happening around them. Aarav replied that someone else will tell him, what is going to take place. Meanwhile, Simar comes there wearing a saree like Jaya Prada and stands by the poster in the same pose. She then tells him a film dialogue, Gajendra tries to think back and recollect his memory saying Simar! she replies that today he will get his old happiness back. where he used to be so happy. The episode ends here stay connected to get further updates.

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