Sasural Simar Ka SSK 2 Today’s Episode 22nd March 2022 Will Simar Exposed Giriraj

Another episode more drama is going to take place tonight in the show and there is no doubt that makers of Sasural Simar Ka 2 have been making the show more enjoyable and captivating enough to watch and therefore the show has been through so many shocking twists such as Aditi’s pregnancy and Gajendra’s losing his memory. In the latest episode of SSK2, there will be drama, and that too level up kind of which will force you to stick to your screen.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

So, the latest episode begins with Aarav stepping towards Badi Maa and then leaving, Badi Maa first wonders what Aarav just did and thinks that he must want to say something, but she also leaves. There, Simar goes to the control room and checks the CCTV footage but she gets troubled when she observes that a part of the footage has been deleted or erased, she thinks that where the part of the clip can go and who did it? She then thinks that perhaps it is her fault and just for the satisfaction she checks it again but then she finds a series’ number is missing from there, she then gets worried thinking about the clip and calls Aarav and leaves searching him.

On the other side, Reema is getting even more worried thinking of Devesh because he is blackmailing her and telling her that behind all the mess there is someone whom she knows very well and it is not Gagan. She then asks him whom he is pointing at. He then tells her that it is Chitra and Giriraj Oswal trying to kill Gajendra. Suddenly she gets messages from Devesh about the kidnapping, Reema gets worried and she rushes towards Simar to tell her the entire scene. She gets to Simar and tells her, Simar replies that she has told it to Aarav Ji but he is not believing her.

Both of the sisters get worried thinking about the scene coming, Reema then tells her that she told her not to believe Devesh but she as usual kept trust in him and he deceived her. She then says that Devesh has been blackmailing her, Simar suggests her that she should go to Vivaan and tell him everything so that at least he will be there to help her. The episode ends here, now watching this is going to be so amazing because now all the mess seems to be troubled.

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