Sasural Simar Ka SSK 2 Today’s Written Episode 17th March Aarav to have candlelight dinner with simar

So, the latest episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 will bring some more twists and so far we have watched that situation go normal in the house after a mess, and finally, Gajendra gets his memory back and everyone sighs of relief, but as you all know that the show can’t go in a calm manner and therefore in the latest episode you will watch new trouble along with an old enemy of Oswal’s. Yes, you can guess it that who is coming now again to the show.

sasural Simer Ka

Tonight’s episode of SSK2 begins with Aarav lighting up the candles for a candlelight dinner with Simar. She comes to the dining table where Aarav shows his etiquettes like a gentleman. Both of them sit and as they start the dinner, Simar says “Aarav Ji” he asks what happened, she replies that the food is cold and lets her go to heat up the food. He replies that now he just can’t wait anymore for eating, she says but… Aarav says nothing will be heard now and they should start the dinner. He takes a glass of water and gives it to Simar and says that now they should start.

Simar begins the dinner and suddenly says that she will serve the pudding to Papa Ji, he says her to be seated and enjoy the time and look behind that Papa Ji is already enjoying the pudding. She smiles, he says that Papa Ji has lost his memory but has not forgotten to enjoy the environment. Simar smiles seeing Gajendra. Aarav then begins eating saying that tonight the food is not cooked by her therefore the real taste is missing in the food. Simar gets uneasy and stands up, he asks what happened, she replies that why he is doing all this, he looks at her, she says sometimes hatred and sometimes… Aarav replies Love…Simar asks him what kind of love is this, she is about to say something while Aarav says her to sit and have the food first. He says that they should eat first and get angry later, she replies that she is not angry but broken and hurt, he looks at her, she says that he has hurt her so many times and her heart is now broken completely. the episode ends here stay tuned for more written updates.

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