Scott Morrison hair salon, ScoMo’s bizarre campaign trail stunt

Scott Morrison’s first-year apprentice who shampooed her hair has revealed he “did it well the first time”. After a horrific week, Courtney Trotter, 22, was given a head massage on Friday while visiting Coco’s salon on Mount Eliza in Melbourne’s southeast . But as footage of the bizarre stunt went viral online, the salon came under brutal fire for welcoming the Prime Minister as a barber that day.

Wearing an apron and mask, Mr Morrison massaged Ms Trotter and sprayed her head with water from the basin.

‘It’s very mild. He did a great job on the first try,” the apprentice said after hitting national headlines.

Salon manager Nick joked that Mr Morrison was too expensive to hire full-time staff. “Does he have a future in hair? Unfortunately, I don’t think we can afford him,” he said. The salon posted a photo of its staff with the prime minister on its Facebook page, but was immediately targeted by trolls, who labelled the photo “creepy”.

“This is the weirdest and creepiest thing I’ve seen in a long time,” one person wrote. “Seriously, why would any business agree to let this guy in after this guy destroyed us,” another added. Mr Morrison later posted a selfie with three salon apprentices after an outing with Dunkley’s Liberal candidate Sharn Coombes.

“Thanks to Courtney, Bella and Pip for showing me the ropes today at Coco Salon in Melbourne,” he wrote. “They are both apprentice hairdressers and love their jobs and training. Courtney even bravely asked me to learn how to wash my hair. It’s safe to say I won’t be taking over their jobs anytime soon.

“Over 220,000 people in Australia are now trained to trade, more than at any time since records began in 1963. The future looks bright for people like Courtney, Bella and Pip!” The prime minister was also pictured patting the dog outside the salon and folding towels with staff.

His visit was blasted by Labor with MP Tim Watts writing: ‘Why is this Prime Minister always play acting at doing other people’s jobs instead of just doing the job that he was elected to do for the Australian people?’

“Maybe he could volunteer at one of the nursing homes where the Covid-19 outbreak has prevented residents from bathing?” Queensland Lieutenant Premier Steven Miles also wrote. Mr Morrison’s visit comes after a horrific week, with news polls showing the government trailing the Labour opposition by 12 percentage points and would wipe out 25 seats if replicated on election day.

Then on Tuesday, he was lambasted by reporters at the National Press Club, where he admitted to making several mistakes during the pandemic but refused to apologize. He did not name the prices of bread, petrol and rapid tests, and admitted he did not know the price of milk.

He was later told of texts unearthed in 2019, in which Gladys Berejiklian allegedly referred to him as a “horrible, horrible person” and a mysterious minister called him “completely psychotic”. The release of the text has been linked to internal struggles within the Liberal Party in NSW, with several key seats still without a candidate for the May general election.

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