Shanann Watts Parents Alive Or Dead? Where Are Frank Rzucek And Sandra Rzucek Now?

You might remember the shocking triple murder case in America that happened in 2019. The giant streaming platform Netflix has even released a documentary based on the case in 2020. Even though a few years have passed, people still seem to search for Shanann Watts’ parents Frank Rzucek And Sandra Rzucek. Yes, searches like where are Shanann’s parents now still pops in the Google searches. Let us find out what happened to the family and where are they now along with checking the details about the brutal killing of three people. Check the article below.

Shanann Watts Parents Alive Or Dead

As per reports, Chris Watt who is the patriarch of the Watts Family in Colorado had murdered his 34-year-old wife Shanann Watts along with their two daughters Bella, aged 4, and Celeste, aged 3. To add, Shanann was 15 weeks pregnant when she was killed by her husband. The documentary which was premiered on Netflix was titled “American Murder: The Family Next Door”. It was released on September 30 in 202o which gave details about the shocking case.

Shanann Watts Parents Alive Or Dead?

As Shanann’s complete family was killed by Chris Watt, people got curious about the woman’s parents and started searching about their whereabouts. Frank Rzucek and Sandra Rzucek are the parents of Shanann Watts. The couple belongs to North Carolina and despite not coming from a financially strong family, the pair managed to provide a good life for their children Shanann and Frankie. The couple had discussed the horrifying murders of their daughters and granddaughters in an interview given to ABC’s 20/20 in 2018.

Talking about Chris, Shanann’s parents had disclosed that they loved the former the first time they met. It was revealed that the couple met Chris on Facebook in 2011 and all of them were based in North Carolina. At that time, Shanann was battling Lupus, a disease caused when the immune system attacks its own cells. Shanann’s parents had said that they could not believe that Chris who loved their daughter a lot could take her and her daughters’ life.

The Rzucek’s decided not to pursue the death penalty of Chris after the latter confessed his crime in court. Sandra in the court hearing had said that she did not understand why Chris took his daughter’s life and added that it was his choice to take Shanann’s life but she does not want to be in the position to take his life. Their decision was bashed by so many people who doubted the integrity of their late daughter.

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