Shankarrao Kolhe Death Reason Former Maharashtra Minister Dies At

The entire Maharashtra ministry is mourning of losing another gem in just a short time period, which had not ever been supposed by anyone else. Yes, you heard right, “Shankarrao Kolhe” is no longer among his close ones, as his departure occurred at the age of 93. Since the news took place on social media, it left uncounted people in great shock, therefore, almost everyone is paying tribute to him while giving their deepest condolence to the family to bear the pain of tragic loss. So below you could get everything you need to know along with some unknown facts.

Shankarrao Kolhe

As per the reports or sources, the deceased was dealing with fatal health complications which turned his health into deterioration while affecting the inner body organs. Hence, he was being treated by the medical team as well, so that, they could make him alive ahead while blessing him with further breaths but unfortunately his health took the worst face during the treatment, and in the end, he had to leave the world. This is was is being claimed by the reports as hitherto his family did not come to the fore with the exact statement besides confirming the news.

Who Was Minister Shankarrao Kohle?

93-years-old Shankarrao Kohle aka Shankarrao Genuji Kohle was a popular Indian Minister and a member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) and minister in the Government of Maharashtra. He had made many achievements on his name during his serving period, which made him different than other politicians. He was born on 24th March 1929 in Yesgaon, Ahmednagar district, British Raj, and unluckily his departure occurred on 24th March 2022 at the same place. He completed his studies at Pune’s reputed school and University, but due to an Interest in politics, he decided to enter politics, but now he is no more which is a matter of great grief.

As soon as the news is getting surfaced on social media, it is fetching immense attention, as almost everyone is paying tribute to him while unleashing their deepest feelings along with sending deep solace to the family of the deceased. So that, they could bless with further strength from God to bear the pain of losing an integral part of their family. But besides all these, hitherto they did not make any statement regarding his funeral ceremony which is remaining the hit discussion among his supporters, so when something will come ahead we will update you (RIP Shankarrao Kolhe).

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