Shariq Khan To Get Eliminated? Voting Results

Another week has passed and contestants are all set to face the shocking eviction again. Yes, we are talking about the Tamil OTT show Bigg Boss Ultimate which will witness one other contestant leaving the house due to obtaining a lesser number of votes. Rumours are already doing rounds on social media debating who will get eliminated tonight. The fans are also curious to know if their favourite contestant will make it safe into another week or will exit the BB house. Let us find out what happens in the latest episode of the reality show.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Elimination Episode 19th Feb 2022: Shariq Khan To Get Eliminated? Voting Results

Currently, a total of 8 contestants are nominated for the upcoming eviction including Balaji Murugadoss, Julie, Abhinay Vaddi, Anitha Sampath, Niroop Nandakumar, Thamarai Selvi, Snehan, and Shariq Khan. These participants are in danger of getting eliminated. Their fate solely depends on the number of votes they obtain from their fans. The voting lines have been closed now and all the votes have been locked. As all the nominated contestants are quite popular, it is no doubt to say that the Sunday eviction is going to be an engaging one that will keep the viewers hooked to their seats.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Elimination Episode Update

Talking about the ongoing rumours about the next elimination, it is speculated that Shariq Khan will get eliminated tonight as he has obtained a few votes as compared to the other participants. Shariq has a high chance to become the third eliminated contestant of the reality show. However, it is not clear why did he receive less support from the viewers this week. It seems like the viewers were not satisfied with Shariq Khan’s performance in the third-week college task. He was the first captain of the house who was known for his diplomatic stand in the house matters.

Shariq also garnered attention for his argument with fellow contestants Vanitha Vijaykumar and Suja Varunee who has gotten evicted previously. Besides, Abhinay Vaddi was standing at the bottom of the voting results earlier but he managed to climb up the ladder and secured himself from coming again at the bottom position while Balaji and Anitha have received the highest number of votes. Now, Shariq Khan stands there with the least number of votes. However, it can not be confirmed if he will get eliminated or not as it will be revealed in Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss Ultimate only. Stay tuned to our site to get more updates on the show.

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