Shocking video shows police exchange gunfire with man who killed officer for trying to evict him

Footage released by the Oklahoma City Police Department has shown the moment when a suspect, who killed one officer after firing at two, was dramatically arrested after a high-speed chase. The accused Benjamin Plank was reportedly found with numerous firearms in his car as he was taken into custody.

Plank allegedly shot down Sgt Bobby Swartz and wounded Deputy Mark Johns while they went to serve him eviction notice. Not just that, the suspect also fled the scene in a grey truck with a boat attached to it, leading to the wild chase. Describing the incident that happened on August 22, the Oklahoma City Police Department ‘s Capt Valerie Littlejohn said, “Officers attempted to stop the suspect but he refused to stop for the officers initiating a pursuit. At one point, the suspect stopped his vehicle at an angle next to a semi-truck. But then continued driving, eventually entering onto Interstate 35.”


The video showed a cop trying to stop the 35-year-old suspect’s vehicle by hitting the boat’s back but the man did not stop. Littlejohn noted, “While entering onto the highway, the suspect vehicle swerved, hitting a sergeant’s vehicle. While driving north on Interstate 35, the suspect fired at an Oklahoma County deputy striking his vehicle. The suspect continued to fire his gun at officers.”

In a statement, the Oklahoma City Police Department also said, “During the pursuit, while travelling northbound on S. I-35, the driver discharged rounds from a rifle at Oklahoma City Officers. Two involved officers were able to return fire toward the suspect. No injuries occurred from the gunfire. The suspect continued eastbound on Interstate-40 from Interstate-35 ultimately exiting at Air Depot Blvd. The suspect stopped at the Tinker Air Force Base gate and surrendered.”

As per reports, there is no clarity on why the shirtless Plank ended up at the Tinker Air Force Base gate but soon he was put into handcuffs by several officers. Littlejohn added, “Deputy Bobby Swartz, who was with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office for 25 years, did not survive his injuries. Deputy Mark Johns was critically injured and treated at an area hospital. Deputy Johns was released several days later from the hospital.”


Benjamin Plank is reportedly facing several charges (Oklahoma County Detention Center)
Benjamin Plank is reportedly facing several charges (Oklahoma County Detention Center)

The man has been slapped with multiple charges, including suspicion of first-degree murder, shooting with intent to kill, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and use of a vehicle in discharge of a weapon. He has reportedly been held at the Oklahoma County Detention Center. Besides his vehicle, Plank’s house was also allegedly filled with weapons and hundreds of live rounds of ammunition when Oklahoma City police raided it. Officers took Plank’s truck and boat into their custody as evidence.


Sgt. Bobby Swartz died after Benjamin Plank fatally shot him (Oklahoma City Police Department)
Sgt. Bobby Swartz died after Benjamin Plank fatally shot him (Oklahoma City Police Department)

According to The Daily Mail, Oklahoma City Police Department chief Wade Gourley said, “He was planning on killing any law enforcement that came to house. When the pursuit was over there was a bag found inside that boat. Inside that bag there were multiple firearms and lots of ammunition. He was definitely ready for a confrontation. [It] was very planned out and very cowardly. Those officers didn’t have a chance.”




Firearms allegedly found in Benjamin Plank's possession (Oklahoma City Police Department)
Firearms allegedly found in Benjamin Plank’s possession (Oklahoma City Police Department)

Meanwhile, a Facebook post by the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office stated that while late Swartz was being honored, Johns, who was critically injured shielding Bobby from a barrage of bullets, was released from the hospital just four days after suffering life threatening injuries. “Please continue to keep Deputy Johns in your prayers. He has a long road ahead of him,” the post read

Also, earlier the office had urged people to donate to help both Swartz and Johns’ families. In a social media post, it wrote, “Prosperity Bank has opened two accounts and can immediately accept donations. The Sgt Robert Swartz Memorial Fund will directly benefit the Swartz Family. And The Dep Mark Johns Recovery fund will help defray some expenses from what may be a long recovery.”

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