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Shootin Hinkley high school today – 2 people shot in parking lot of Hinkley High School in Aurora


#Colorado – Two people were shot Friday in the parking lot of HinkleyHighSchool. Both victims have been taken to a local hospital, police said in a 12:22 p.m. Twitter post. HinkleyHighSchool is on lockdown.


Aurora, Colorado (KDVR) – The Aurora Police Department said two people were shot in the parking lot of Hinckley High School.

According to reports, the shooting occurred at 1250 Chambers Road around 12:25 pm. Both victims were taken to hospital in unknown circumstances. Their age is unknown at this time. Hinckley High School is in lockdown.

Hinckley High School is about 3 miles from Central High School, which is close to where six teenagers were shot and killed earlier this week.

“What we have to admit is that we are dealing with a public health crisis,” Christina Amparan, Aurora Youth Violence Prevention Project Manager, said after Monday’s shooting.

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