Sienna Mae and Jack Wright : TikTok Couple’s relationship Controversy, Wiki Explored

Sienna Mae and Jack wright are both well-known tiktokers. Although they never announced their relationship officially, but the pictures they posted while hugging and kissing each other confirmed their relationship . After sometime of posting those pictures jack wright shocked the audience by claiming that his ex girlfriend Sienna Mae Gomez s*xually assaulted other men. To know more about this controversy you have to read the complete article. So keep reading.!

Jack Wright and Sienna Mae together
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WHO IS Sienna Mae and Jack Wright?

Jack Wright, and Sienna Mae a member of Hype house were dating. They were one of the most popular couples on TikTok recently. Many of their followers were vocal supporters of their relationship, as seen by their frequent appearances in TikTok videos and on social media.


Jack Wright’s assault charges against Sienna Mae are explained: Jack Wright is a Tik Tok personality who also has a Youtube channel, as a result of which he and his ex-girlfriend are both strewn around the social media site. Sienna Mae Gomez, who was also a TikTok identity, was his accomplice. After being accused of assault, she has found herself in the public eye. Jack posted a video on YouTube, and the video has now gone viral on the internet. In addition, he has the support of TikToker’s fellow influencers.

NEW EVIDENCE Sienna Mae Allegations – Jack Wright .

Why jack wright broke his silence?

Jack wright broke his silence when a common friend bring this matter on social media that jack had been assaulted by her. Jack stated in a video that:

Can’t stay quite anymore Especially when other guys in LA told me what she did to them as well. I’m done being gaslighted and silenced. You all deserve to know. Please give me a little more time but please know that I’ve had love and support through all of this from friends, family, and all of you online.’



Despite Gomez’s constant attempts to move the relationship ahead, Wright’s new video details his friendship with Gomez, which he claims has never gone into the love or s*xual realm. He said Gomez had often violated his boundaries, including one event in which she straddled him while naked. Wright claimed that Gomez apologized to him the next day after he told him to get off him and went out of the room, and that they resumed their friendship, which included collaborating on videos together. Gomez, on the other hand, proceeded to make him uncomfortable by pushing his boundaries, he claimed.

Gomez cancelled from social media:

After all this some videos got viral on social media which later on deleted. With a very short time she lost her reputation with an instant decrease in Instagram followers. Its not the end she also lost brand sponsorship. Audience who gave her lots of love started hating her.

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