Simar tells Mayank’s truth to Aarav

Sasural Simar Ka 2, 15th February 2022, Written Update: Simar tells Mayank’s truth to Aarav: Here we are with the written episode update of Sasural Simar Ka 2 of 15 February 2022, in tonight’s episode we all going to see that Aditi is married now and she is saying goodbye to all of her family members. Simar and Arav are so disheartened that she got married to the one whom she don’t even know well. Then it’s time for playing a ritual in which she has to fill her hands with rice and through it back to her brothers. Follow More Update On

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Meanwhile, Simar comes to her and she hugs her then Aditi says to Simar, “please don’t sit anything wrong with Gagan and I forgive him, for everything.” Just after this Aditi’s fair and she has been felling on the floor after which everyone remains so worried for her and they took her to the room and make her lie on the bed. Enereyeon is tensed for her and they call the doctor after which what they get to know isn’t easy for them to be swallow. As Doctor tells them all, “Aditi is pregnant.” Listening to this everyone goes so stunned and shocked to know that she is Pregnant.

Doctore ask Baadi Maa to come with him and then he tells her about Aditi’s pregnancy. After which Baadi Maa confirms this to the doctor whether he is right or he misunderstood everything. Sandhya is also shocked to know that Aditi is pregnant and she has tears in her eyes. Then Sandhya loses her hope and she says that “this can’t have happened.” After which Baadi Maa yells at the doctor then Arav says apologize to the doctor for Baddi Maa’s behavior.

Later Baadi Maa Arav aa tell to close the door and then she used to lose her temper and started tp be yell at everyone. Vivaan is trying to handle the family of the groom and they are trying their best not to let time know the truth. After which Chitra says to Reema let me go and check what’s wrong with Aditi. While her parents are crying and they are so tense to know the truth about their daughter. It isn’t easy for them to carry it. Then Gajender goes to Simar and then he asks her, why she has not let Aditi stop doing this. Then Baadi Maa started to be yell at Simar and she taunted her. And the episode ends here.


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