Sirf Tum 11th March 2022 Episode Written Update: Ansh Announces Suhani’s Farewell

The latest episode of Sirf Tum starts with Ranveer. He asks Suhani to submit the assignment. Ansh comes there and gets shocked seeing the pair together. He snatches the assignment from Suhani’s hands and throws it on the floor. Ansh angrily asks Suhani why did she left their marriage party and came here to meet Ranveer. Ansh further says that he will put an end to the chances of their meeting. He adds either Suhani will stay in the college or Ranveer. The latter loses his calm and asks Ansh who is he to decide that.

Sirf Tum 11th March 2022

Ansh tells Ranveer that he is Suhani’s husband and she will do as he would ask her to do. He says that he can not ask Ranveer to leave the college but can tell Suhani to do that. Ansh adds that he is sure that Suhani will obey his order. Ansh announces that tomorrow will be Suhani’s last day in the college and a farewell party will be organized too.

Ranveer says that he will not let Ansh decide whether Suhani will study in the college or not as she is also an educated girl and he will not let him ruin her life. In the next scene, Ansh takes Suhani with him. Ranveer stops him and grabs his collar. Suhani tells Ranveer that he ruined her life and now he is running her dreams too. Later, Ranveer submits Suhani’s assignment.

The professor does not accept it saying it is not written by Suhani. The professor that he knows his handwriting and knows that he has written it on behalf of Suhani who is busy partying. Ranveer tries to control his anger. He says that he is just trying to save the career of a bright student. The professor continues to stick to words and does not accept Suhani’s project. Ranveer closes the cabin’s door and tells him that neither he will go nor he will let him go until he submits Suhani’s assignment.

Later, Ansh announces that Suhani will not be coming to college from tomorrow onwards and says that he is organizing a farewell party. He looks at Ranveer and invites everyone to the party. Ranveer tells him that it’s Suhani’s dream to become a doctor. Ansh ignores him and takes Suhani away. Ranveer thinks that he will make sure that Suhani becomes the best doctor come what may. Follow for more updates!

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