Sirf Tum 12th March 2022 Episode Written Update: Ranveer Abducts Suhani

The colors’ serial “Sirf Tum” is entertaining viewers with its interesting storyline. It has managed to impress a large section of people in a short course of time. So far, Ansh marries Suhani fraudulently. Ranveer decides to ruin Ansh’s life and get back Suhani in his life. However, his plan fails when Ansh announces Suhani’s farewell from the college. Now, in today’s episode of 12th March 2022, Ranveer requests Rakesh to help Suhani so that she can continue her studies in college. He says that each day holds importance for Suhani.

Sirf Tum 12th March 2022

Ranveer gives stamp papers to Rakesh. The latter reads it. Sudha tells him that Ranveer is saying the right thing. Nevertheless, Rakesh supports Ansh’s decision and says that a guy who did not show up at his wedding can not suggest him anything. Rakesh goes ahead to tear the stamp papers and gives them back to Ranveer. Ranveer gets disheartened. Rakesh calls Ranveer a mad man who can not control his anger. Ranveer tries to make Rakesh understand but the latter says that he will not let Suhani go to the same college as him. Ansh comes there too. Ranveer stops him.

Suhani loses her calm and tells Ranveer not to trouble her father. Suhani cries and hugs Sudha. Ranveer announces that no one can stop Suhani from becoming a doctor and leaves. In the next scene, Suhani stands in front of the house’s temple and looks at the stethoscope and apron. She gets sad thinking Ansh will not let her study. Ansh comes and asks her to get ready soon as they have to submit the papers about her taking a break from college to the dean. Later, someone puts a black cloth on Suhani’s face and abducts her. Here, Ansh waits for Suhani.

Ansh asks Asha to call Suhani but she does not find her anywhere. Asha tells Ansh that Suhani is missing. Here, Suhani finds herself in Ranveer’s car. Ansh also sees Ranveer taking Suhani in his car. He follows them with his bike. Later, Ansh reaches college and complains against Ranveer to Dean. He tells them that Ranveer kidnapped Suhani. Everyone worries about Suhani and tries to search for her. Here, Suhani tells Ranveer not to trouble her more and asks her to drop her. Ranveer takes Suhani to the class and tells her that she missed her classes so he is here to teach her. Follow us for more updates!

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