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Sirf Tum 13th Dec 2021 Written Episode Update & Spoilers: Ranveer Beats Ansh


The 13th December 2021 episode of Sirf Tum is going to be phenomenal enough, as the viewers will become witnesses to an emotional breakdown of Suhani’s father. When Ranveer makes him understand that once he should think deeply that really Suhani can have intoxication. Meanwhile, he shows him another footage in which, she is praising her father, that how he supported her in her study when he got to know that she has the ability to become a successful doctor, hence he gets emotional.

Sirf Tum 13th Dec 2021 Written Episode Update & Spoilers: Ranveer Beats Ansh

Meanwhile, Suhani’s father hugs her and apologizes for his behavior which he has done recently with her without knowing the truth behind the exploit. Spontaneously, Suhani’s grandmother slaps her aunt because she was the one who creates a mess between them against Suhani, she says that without having strong evidence how could she do this with Suhani. She expresses her feelings by saying that Ranveer is the perfect one for Suhani so they should do not worry about her, because he feels for Suhani as well.

Sirf Tum Full Today’s Written Update

Later, Ranveer says that no matter what happened but he will have to figure out the exact name of the culprit because, someone is behind all these exploits because twice they mixed intoxicated pills on her food. Hence, he goes to the place where the event was organized so that, he can find the evidence against the defaulter. Meanwhile, he wonders that he should go to ask the caterer because the entire event was under their control so how someone has done this to her.

After a while, he gets the name of those boys who have done these exploits then he goes to them and starts mayhem by saying that how could they have done this, despite knowing that she is his responsibility. He keeps on beating them and does not ready to hear even a single statement of them, he beats them badly in front of the entire college as they have made fun of Suhani at the Event night on the stage when everyone was there.

At the same time, Ansh comes there and tries to make him understand that it was just a prank and it is normal in the parties, so there is no need to react louder in such a worst manner. Meanwhile, Ranveer says that in this college plenty of students are studying so why did they choose Suhani for this prank despite knowing, that she is not as same as other girls. But Ansh says that due to his father he is speaking loudly otherwise he is nothing for him, hence Ranveer hits him hard on the face.

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