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Sirf Tum 14th December 2021 Episode Written Update: Ranveer Beats Ansh Badly


The 14th December 2021 episode of Sirf Tum commences where Ranveer gets to know those names who are the main culprits behind the viral video of Suhani, and mixed intoxicated essence into her meal during the event. Hence, he gets to college and starts mayhem with them while arguing, meanwhile, Ansh also takes place and says that at the party this kind of activity is normal but Ranveer hits his face and says that so why did he choose Suhani over everyone besides knowing her very well.

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At the same time, Suhani takes place in the college as soon as she comes to know that Ranveer is beating those guys who were responsible for her condition. Hence she comes to stop him because many times he has taken enmity with the students, so it could be inappropriate enough if he again creates such circumstances in the college. Therefore, she comes ahead of him and requests to forgive them as she had done already because she does not want anything now.

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Meanwhile, Ranveer makes Suhani understand that as he promised her and her family that no matter what happens but he will definitely make the video deleted from all social networking sites, so he is going to do that, and she can not stop him. Because among these people someone recorded her video and make it viral rapidly on social media. Hence, he asks Ansh to make it delete as soon as possible otherwise, he will make their life hell no matter what happens.

Then Ansh says that he will make the video deleted as he has known about everything, but spontaneously Ranveerwarns him as well to not do such things again with her or anyone. Because ragging is banned in the college and despite this, he does this along with these guys, so if next time he comes to know something regarding it, so he will not let them forgive and become the cause of their unhappiness and leaves the place along with Suhani.

In the previous episode, as the viewers have watched that Suhani’s father tries to slap her after seeing her viral video, but at the same time, Ranveer comes and stops him by saying that first, he should figure out the entire truth behind the case, because as far as he has concerned Suhani can not do such thing that can hurt her family and he knows this. Hence, he shows her father an untold clip behind the scene where she was appreciating her father, and therefore, he hugs her and apologizes too.

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