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Sirf Tum 17th December 2021 Written Update Suhani Confesses Her Love For Ranveer


The 17th December 2021 episode of Sirf Tum is about to be phenomenal because finally, Suhani is ready to unleash her feelings for Ranveer, while confessing her love. She wonders that Ranveer is such a nice guy and has a soft heart behind a muscular body, and gradually she is liking his company as well, as he has done several favors on her. Whether it is related to admission form, exam, entrance, or anything, in short, she also feels for him and wants to tell him everything.

Sirf Tum serial

Recently, Ranveer helped Suhani to save a life of a pregnant woman who was going to give birth to her baby, and his nice gesture while treating won Suhani’s heart. Therefore, she is getting attracted towards him for revealing those feelings which she is getting these days for him in such a manner. Meanwhile, Suhani says that he is very dedicated as well towards his studies as he knows several things in medical science because of which, they could save her.

Sirf Tum 17th Dec 2021

Another side, Ansh is making his conspiracies against the two because he does not want to see them happy together, as Ranveer’s father became the major cause of his unhappiness along with his mother. So, therefore, he is not ready to forgive the entire family of Ranveer, Hence, he decided to make them separate because Suhani is that parrot which is containing Ranveer’s life and once he will grab her Ranveer will definitely come into his control, therefore he plans big for them.

In the last episode, as the viewers have watched that, Ranveer got the invitation from Suhani’s house as her parents want to invite him for dinner, because somewhere, Suhani’s grandmother and her father is liking Ranveer and his behavior towards their daughter. Because they were finding the same quality in her groom which Ranveer has because he is too protective about her, and never let her down at all hence, they think that they should know him more.

Later, when he goes to her home for having dinner and takes the first bite he starts appreciating her mother, by saying that she has magic in her hand as she made delicious food. Meanwhile, when Suhani comes to him for serving him he ignores her in such a manner, which made her suspicious because she does not know the reason that why he is doing such things to her, even her mother stops him by saying that she will get upset.

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