Sirf Tum 18th March 2022 Episode Written Update: Ansh Threatens Suhani

Today’s episode of Sirf Tum starts with Ansh. He grabs Ranveer’s collar and questions him about his mother. Ranveer asks him to stay calm. He tells him that his mother is safe. He adds that he has ordered Chinese food for her and is making sure that she has a good time. Ansh gets angry and asks Ranveer not to drag his mother into this if he is a real man. Ranveer laughs and says that he just proved that he is not a real man himself as he started dragging family members first.

Sirf Tum 18th march 2022

Ranveer asks Ansh not to take stress as his mother will stay safe with her. He says that unlike him, he respects women. Ranveer further says that does not matter if she is his mother or him, he will take care of her. Later, Ranveer asks the man to install CCTV while he eats noodles. The guys do their work. Ranveer gets happy and shows the footage to Ansh. He says that his eyes will be on this house from now.

Ranveer warns him not to trouble Suhani or else he will have to face consequences. Ansh asks Ranveer about his mother. Ranveer avoids his question and leaves without saying a word. He locks the door from the outside. Suhani asks Ranveer to open the door. Later, Asha opens the door. Ansh smiles after seeing her there and asks her if she is fine. Asha tells him that a few men dropped her here in a car.

Ansh gets angry hearing that. Here, Ranveer watches Suhani through CCTV camera footage. He tells Suhani to sleep as she has an exam tomorrow. Meanwhile, Mamta comes and asks Ranveer to sleep. Ranveer tells her that Suhani is not safe in that house. The next day, Mamta tells Ranveer that it would be good if Suhani stayed in their house. Ranveer thinks about it. In the next scene, Ansh and Suhani are shown in the cafeteria.

Next, Ansh asks Suhani if she still loves Ranveer despite seeing his behavior towards her and her family. Suhani tells him that she is upset with him. Suhani says that she would not have gone to his place if he had not sent her there. Later, Ansh makes Suhani hear the audio clip where she had confessed her love to Ranveer. He threatens to send this clip to her father. Suhani begs him not to do that. Stay tuned with us and get more latest updates on Sirf Tum.

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