Sirf Tum 22nd March 2022 Episode Written Update: Ranveer Brings Suhani Home

In the latest episode of Sirf Tum, Suhani tells Ranveer that he does not have to help them as she can go to her father’s house. Asha tells Suhani that it is not the best idea as it can worsen Rakesh’s health. She adds that the neighbours will ask Rakesh about his daughter’s in-laws staying with him. Meanwhile, Ansh says that he does not want to become a Ghar Jamai. Suhani agrees and suggests paying rent for the sake of their self-respect. Ansh finds it weird while Ranveer says he is okay as long as Suhani is comfortable.

Sirf Tum 22-3-2022 episode

The next day, Holi celebrations begin. Vikrant looks around for Ranveer and asks Mamta about him. Mamta says that he will come soon. While they were talking, Ranveer enters. He wishes everyone a happy Holi and hugs Mamta. He avoids Vikrant. Meanwhile, Asha enters. Some ladies put color on her face. Mamta fails to recognize her. Someone throws water at Asha’s face. Everyone gets stunned to see Asha.

Later, Suhani and Ansh also enter. Suhani recalls the day she first entered the mansion. Ansh comes forward and tries to apply colors on Mamta’s face. Ranveer stops Ansh and asks him not to forget his real place in the house. He asks him not to make relationships with his family members. Asha thanks Ranveer for helping them in their difficult time. Ranveer asks her not to thank him as he did it for Suhani. He says that Mamta has always taught him to help women.

Here, Mamta says that she will throw Ansh and Asha out of the house as she can not see their faces every day since it will remind her of Vikrant’s misdeed. Ranveer asks Mamta not to do that as they will not stay forever. Meanwhile, Vikrant shouts at Asha saying he will not allow anyone trespassing on his house. Suhani gets scared and asks Ansh to leave but he says that he will not go anywhere.

Ansh says that the game has just begun. Vikrant gets angry at Suhnai for coming back into Ranveer’s life even after getting separated. Ranveer asks Vikrant to come in the corner and says that he is just helping Suhani. Vikrant does not agree with Ranveer. The latter says that either he lets Suhani and her family stay in the house or he forgets his son. Vikrant looks on. Watch Sirf Tum on Colors.

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