Sirf Tum Today’s Written Update 17th March 2022 Episode Suhani Gets Drunk

The latest written episode of Sirf Tum starts with Dadu and Mamta seeing Suhani in an intoxicated state. Ranveer holds her and brings her inside. Dadu gets worried about Suhani and asks everyone what happened to her. Here, Asha tells Ansh that it is not right to use Suhani to get his rights. Ansh says that he has to sacrifice Suhani in this war. On another side, Ranveer makes Suhani sit on the sofa. Mamta asks Ranveer why is Suhani behaving in such a manner. Ranveer says that it is Ansh’s doing. He adds that Ansh made Suhani drink this much.

Sirf Tum 17th March 2022

Suhani corrects Ranveer. She says that Ansh is not responsible for her condition but Ranveer himself. She tells Ranveer that she is upset with him. Suhani says that she does not want to see his face but misses him so much when he is not around. She says that she sees him everywhere whenever she opens and closes her eyes. She says that she will not let Ranveer ruin his life alone and that they both will get ruined together.

Ranveer tells Suhani that he will not let anything happen to her since she is his responsibility. Meanwhile, Mamta comes there and asks Suhani to drink lemon water. She says that she will not feel drowsy afterward. Ranveer also asks her to drink that. Suhani asks Ranveer to taste it first. He tastes it and asks her to drink it now. Suhani smiles and asks why didn’t he come and left her alone in the Mandap.

Saying this, Suhani faints. Ansh happens to hear their conversation and thinks that it will make Ranveer feel bad about Suhani and he will try to get her back in his life. Ansh smiles thinking about Ranveer making a mistake while trying to get Suhani and that he will use it against him. Ranveer sees Suhani’s phone on the ground. He sees Ansh on call. Ranveer disconnects the call. Ansh gets upset.

After Suhani gets sober, she apologizes to everyone for making a scene. Mamta asks her not to worry as it was nothing. Suhani tells Ranveer that she did wrong by coming here to this state and recalls whatever happened in the past few days. Suhani says that she will drink wine whenever she will get sad from now on. Ranveer gets tense and asks her not to say that. Follow our site for more updates!

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