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Sirf Tum Written Episode 29th November 2021 Update: Ansh Misbehaves With Suhani


The 29th October 2021 episode of Sirf Tum starts where Mamta decides to take Ranveer for unveiling the coming project of them, as Vikrant makes her understand that he wants to see Ranveer as their successful successor. Meanwhile, she removes the curtains from the building, and everyone claps for her because the way she unveils the project seems commendable enough. Vikrant suggests to her that he decided on a name for the project which will be La Vie Potu means Life for all and mentions that they will arrange some flats for poor people as well so that they can also get shelter to hide their heads.

Sirf Tum Written Episode 29th November 2021 Update: Ansh Misbehaves With Suhani

At the same time, Raghav asks john to make a call to Ranveer but due to a network issue, the call gets disconnected. Meanwhile, he says without any ado just shouting and asking somebody to make him call as soon as possible. John replies that no one is here who can listen to him even Suhani because she is responsible for this handkerchief. Meantime, Ranveer also makes everyone acquainted with the strong relationship of Oberoi and his spouse by saying that his mother gave her 30 years to his father, though he always pretends to be busy at the parties.

Sirf Tum Today’s Written Episode

Then Rishi says that everyone has to dance now, there are no options at all spontaneously Ansh passes a remark that now he will see how Ranveer will live up to his expectation for taking care of Suhani. Then Rishi goes and holds her hand for dancing without thinking that her eyes have filled with tears, but she pushes him so that, she can make her hand release and by mistake, he hits with the stone. But he replies that it’s enough of her drama, meanwhile. Ranveer also reaches the Campus and unlocks his friends who are locked inside the room.

Later, Ranveer comes inside the room where Ansh is misbehaving with Suhani and as soon as she sees him, she recalls the beating of Rocky because when someone does misbehave with Suhani, so gets out of control. But Suhani asks him to not punish them, but Ranveer says that she should go out from the room he will come soon. Then he asks Ansh why he was doing such things with her despite knowing that she is his responsibility, Ansh replies that he wanted to dance with her or nothing else, Ranveer replies that he will let him dance for sure and suddenly hits the mirror forcefully and breaks it, and Suhani gets scared to see that.

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