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Sirf Tum Written Update 18th November 2021 Spoilers: Suhani Makes Ranveer Mesmerized


The latest written update of Sirf Tum begins with Suhani. She takes blessings from Rakesh. Looking at them, Dadi teases Rakesh saying nowadays he always listens to his wife. Everyone laughs. Later, Rakesh tells Suhani that he will drop her at college making Suhani smile happily. She goes to Sudha and hugs her tightly out of happiness. Next, Suhani thinks about returning Ranveer’s phone and doesn’t notice when she gets lost in his thoughts. Ranveer also thinks about Suhani and smiles stupidly. He tries to unlock Suhani’s phone and fails to decode it.

Sirf Tum Written Update 18th November 2021 Spoilers: Suhani Makes Ranveer Mesmerized

The next day, Ranveer sleeps while Suhani worships Maharani. Meanwhile, Ranveer’s friend comes and pours water upon Ranveer and asks him to wake up. Ranveer gets angry and was about to punch the person who disturbed his sleep when his friend tells him about Vikrant. He tells him that Vikrant has arrived to meet the principal and adds that the matter has turned serious. However, it doesn’t bother Ranveer that much. Later, Rakesh drops Suhani at the college. He notices boys and girls talking with one another happily and dislikes it. He asks Suhani to fill-up the form.

Sirf Tum Today’s Written Episode

On another side, Ranveer enters the college with Ria. The latter requests him to apologize to Rocky otherwise he will land in some serious problems. Ranveer tells her that he will not apologize to that person who passed wrong comments. Next, Vikrant enters the principal room. The principal tells him about Ranveer being the college’s topper but gets concerned about his short-tempered nature. Vikrant asks Ranveer to apologize to Rocky but the latter insults him instead saying he is not fake like him. Here, Suhani comes to know about Ranveer. She gets confused thinking that the guy is ready to leave the college but not to apologize.

Meanwhile, Rakesh comes and sees Riya hanging out with Suhani. Riya leaves soon after. Rakesh asks Suhani to spend time with such people. Here, Ranveer comes out of the principal’s room when he sees Suhani. However, his friends distract him by asking if he said sorry to Rocky. Ranveer gets angry seeing Suhani has disappeared. He asks his friends to find Suhani at all costs. Here, Rakesh sees Ranveer. He asks him to help Suhani in her studies. Rakesh calls Suhani and Ranveer can’t take his eyes off Suhani. For more updates on Sirf Tum, stay tuned to this space.

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