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Sirf Tum Written Update 30th November 2021 Episode: Ranveer Holds Suhani’s Hands


Sirf Tum written update starts with Suhani standing outside the bathroom. Meanwhile, Rhea comes there. She asks Suhani if she is alright. Raghav and John also come there. Rhea looks for Ranveer and asks them about him. Before anyone could say anything, Ranveer comes there. Suhani looks at him. Ranveer asks Rhea to announce a special performance. Here, Vikrant feels quite embarrassed to the party. He talks to Mamta and praises Mamta for raising her son well. He taunts her for preparing him that way so that he can take revenge on him.

Sirf Tum Written Update 30th November 2021 Episode: Ranveer Holds Suhani's Hands

Vikrant tells Mamta that it’s so sad to even feel that a son hates his father and that whatever he had been doing was for his happiness. Vikrant adds that a mother is the reason why a son feels hatred towards his father. Vikram asks him how can he blame Mamta for all of this. Roshni also tries to speak something but Vikram asks her not to interfere in his matter. Roshni gets angry and says that firstly, she ruined her life and now he is willing to ruin her daughter’s life. She asks him why did he even marry him when he only wanted an illiterate wife.

Sirf Tum Today’s Written Episode 30th Nov 2021

Vikarm loses his temper and shouts at Roshni. Dadaji scolds him for doing so. On another side, everyone in the college is anticipating the special performance announced by Ranveer. The latter goes to Suhani and says that now she will be seeing a mind-blowing performance. Suhani gets tense. Rhea asks Ranveer why is he trying to create a scene here and adds that Suhani is already worried. Ranveer asks Rhea if she thinks of her as his advocate or friend as she keeps arguing with him. Here, Suhani says that she thinks she can’t do this and gets teary-eyed.

Ranveer tells Suhani that those eyes of her has dreams to become a doctor and that she should not cry out of fear. Ranveer holds Suhani’s hands and walks her to the center of the stage. It shocks everyone. He asks her to sit and says that she is the chief guest of the show. Suhani sits. Ranveer then asks everyone to clap for her. Meanwhile, Rishi and friends start dancing out of nowhere. Suhani looks at Ranveer who stands up and asks them to stop dancing. Ranveer announces that any person who disrepected Suhani will face consequences.

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