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Slim 400 Video CCTV Viral Footage Check His Cause Of Death How Did He Die?


Social media is on buzz after a piece of tragic news confirmed the death of a famous musical artist Named Slim 400. Well, reportedly, Slim 400 was shot to death in Los Angeles on Wednesday 8th Of December where a Compton native saw the entire scene in front of his eyes ending the life of a famous rapper. As soon as the news was dropped on the internet it became a buzz on the internet. If you are also sad by this news so be here till the end.

Slim 400 CCTV

Well, there is no doubt that the name does not need any introduction but still, there are people who are not in the swim about him and perhaps here just after seeing the social media where people across the globe are delivering tributes. So, before talking about his death cause you should look at his wiki for once so, born June 21, 1988, in Frankfurt, GermanyVincent Cohran prominently known by his artist name Slim 400 was an American rapper from Compton. He belongs to the immediate environment of YG and can be heard regularly in its publications. He was one of the members of the Bloods gang and often refers to this group in his texts.

Slim 400 Shooting Video

However, the exact scene is yet to be revealed but as per the sources it came to know that it was not the first time when Slim 400 got attacked but before this, he was attacked so many times and even two years back he was shot around 10 times where he was also hit on the head in 2019. However, he survived the attack at that time but who knew that he will be lost his life a second time. As he was attacked before so saying this won’t be bad that he had some grudges with someone probably this all is the result of the same beef that might happen with him somewhere.

Well, sadly saying this won’t be bad that the music industry got a huge loss after Slim 400’s death, social media is just flooded with thousands of condolences messages, our deepest condolences are with his fans, he will be missed and remain alive through his music.

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