South Korean Actress Na Moon-hee Mother Dies At 101 Instagram Post Last Rites

We are reporting a saddening piece of news. It is coming forward that the mother of the South Korean actor Na Moon-hee has passed away. On Saturday, February 19, 2022, the actor’s mother died at the age of 101. After the news was announced, celebrities started paying her sincere tributes and offered Na Moon and her family heartfelt condolences. Fans also expressed their sadness after learning about her unfortunate passing. Although Na Moon-hee’s mother cause of death is not disclosed, it is expected that she died of old-age health-related problems. Here is all we know.

South Korean Actress Na Moon-hee Mother Dies At 101 Instagram Posts Last Rites

As per reports, Na Moon-hee’s mother died of old age as she had turned 101 and had lived a long life. It is reported that in the late hours of Sat, the wake was held at the funeral hall at the Catholic University of Korea St. Mary’s Hospital. The actress will be taking some time off her busy schedule to attend her late mother’s last rites. Reportedly, the funeral will take place on Monday, February 21. Everyone is aware of the fact that Na Moon-hee was very close with her mother and they shared a strong and affectionate bond.

South Korean Actress Na Moon-hee Mother Dies

In several interviews and TV appearances, the South Korean actress has mentioned her mother. During a press conference in 2019, Na Moon had disclosed that she sometimes wears her mother’s clothes for her roles. She stated that her mother is still alive and is 98-year-old. Na Moon added that her mother likes pretty things and she always dolls herself up whenever she goes out. It was said that the actress wore some of her clothes in her movies. Na Moon-hee was born in Beijing in China before moving to Siwon in 1945. Her childhood played an important role in her getting closer to her mother.

The 81-year-old actress had debuted at the age of 20 as a theatre actor. She appeared in MBC’s first auditions as a voice actor and since then she had a prolific career. Apart from this, she had also appeared in various forms of media including dramas, variety shows, and movies. Na Moon went on to gain loads of appreciation for her work in projects like Dear My Friends, I Can Speak, Miss Granny, and Wang’s Family. She had always been close to her mother and even though she had lived a long life and died peacefully, Na Moon-hee’s heart still pains. We pay gentle tributes to her mother!

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