SSK Sasural Simar ka 2 18th Feb 2022 Episode Will Aditi Keep The Baby or Do Abortion?

Makers of Sasural Simar Ka 2 are leaving no stone unturned to make it way more captivating than before. Well, before heading towards tonight’s episode’s written update, here is the previous episode’s recap. So, in the last episode, you watched that Aditi has tied the knot with Mayank, but now the main thing that has forced everyone to think that what bad has happened now in the family is because Aditi faints at the end of the wedding and it scares everyone.

Sasural Simar ka 2

So the episode begins with Simar taking the glass of juice from Sandhya and asks about the same on which Simar apologizes to her and says that she has to ask her about the juice and all because it is all about Aditi’s health, Sandhya fumes at her asking how can she doubt a mother, she says that Aditi is her daughter and it’s her problem. Simar then looks into Sandhya’s eyes and asks if she is right then why she is not making eye contact. Sandhya screams and says that leave the glass Aditi will drink it, Simar, then says to Aditi not to take even a single sip, she again asks her what juice is this. She replies that it’s a Papaya juice and if Aditi drunks it then her child will be aborted.

Simar gets shocked knowing that Sandhya is harming her own daughter. She then says that “Maa you can’t harm Aditi and the child in her womb”. Sandhya says that she knows what she is doing and what will be the result of this. Simar takes the glass and throws it out. Meanwhile, Sandhya slaps her, Simar says that she won’t offend of these slaps and even she can take more slaps because she is her Maa, but she will not let her do anything wrong that can directly affect Aditi and until she is alive she will not let happen anything wrong with Aditi.

Sandhya then breaks into pieces and cries shoving Aditi and asking why did she do this and how can be so shameless. She slaps her, Aditi then starts crying. Sandhya then says her that she has broken her trust and killed her pride. Sandhya cries saying that she has ruined her life on her own. Aditi then sits down and continues to cry. Well, the episode ends here, as you all know that Aditi is now pregnant so what will she do now and how will her life be changed. Stay tuned to get more updates.

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