Stevie Bamford: Bikini model who earlier falsely accused man of raping her ‘likely to go to jail’ for alcohol theft

A former bikini model who stole bottles of alcohol from liquor stores in Sydney’s east just months after being convicted of fraud at an upscale hotel has been warned she faces a jail term. Stevie Bamford was found guilty of three counts of theft totaling less than $2,000 and was due to receive her sentence at Waverley Local Court on Monday.


But the case was adjourned when she entered the courtroom shortly after 10:30 a.m. wearing silver shoes and a high ponytail with her long black hair. However, not before Judge Jacqueline Milledge gave the 31-year-old a stern warning that she was “likely going to jail.”


Stevie Bamford (Stevie Bamford/Facebook)Stevie Bamford (Photo via Stevie Bamford/Facebook)

“I’ve looked at your criminal history and you really are facing a jail term,” Ms Milledge told Bamford. “There needs to be a sentencing assessment report prepared, the court needs to know what is going on in your life and what to do with you… you’re not in a good place.” Bamford gave a head nod and replied, “understood.” After Bamford, the daughter of former rugby league player Peter Tunks, failed to show up for court in August, the judge issued a warrant for her arrest.


Court records show that over the course of three weeks in June and July, the Bamford stole nearly $240 worth of alcohol from First Choice Liquor in Maroubra and Dan Murphy’s in Kingsford. The Malabar resident entered the stores, bought bottles of Glenfiddich Scotch and Absolut Vodka, and put them in her purse before leaving. According to court documents, Bamford was able to steal 22 containers of alcohol, including cans of Jack Daniels and Coke, and premixed vodka cocktails with watermelon. Bamford allegedly committed all three egregious crimes in broad daylight.


The court was previously informed that Bamford had already committed nine felonies since 2011, including assaulting a police officer, aggravated burglary, and driving with cocaine in her blood. This is the tenth charge for the Sydney woman in the last decade. Bamford was found guilty last year of fraud at the Hilton Hotel on George Street in Sydney and is currently serving a 12-month prison sentence.


When she paid for accommodation she could not afford using another woman’s credit card, she was found guilty of defrauding the opulent hotel. The court learned at Bamford’s sentencing that she was heavily addicted to drugs and had mental health problems.

The additional charges were a violation of bail restrictions imposed on Bamford as part of her sentencing order, according to information previously provided to the court. Bamford had previously been found guilty in her absence after a warrant was issued for her arrest.


Ten years after she caused a worldwide stir by falsely accusing a tuk-tuk driver of raping her in Thailand, she has now been charged with three counts of theft. The woman, who was 21 at the time, told Thai police that on her way back from a night out with her boyfriend, the driver kidnapped her and took her to a remote location where he raped her while holding her down.
She then admitted that she had lied to the police to prevent her boyfriend from getting angry about her late return home. She was sentenced to 15 days in prison in Thailand after being found guilty of fraud.

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