Suhani Talks To Mamta about Ranveer

In today’s episode of Sirf Tum, the dean asks Ranveer to apologize otherwise he will rusticate him from the college. Ranveer refuses to apologize and asks the dean to rusticate him. Dean calls Gupta Ji and asks him to prepare Ranveer’s rustication letter. Later, Dean hands Ranveer’s resignation letter to him. The latter takes it and leaves. Meanwhile, Suhani sees the scene and gets upset. Ranveer then goes to Ansh and tears Suhani’s leave application. Ranveer says that Ansh had told him that either he or Suhani can stay in the college and gives him the torn pieces of paper.

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Ranveer asks Ansh not to stop Suhani from becoming a doctor. After saying that, Ranveer leaves. Ansh also smiles. Meanwhile, Raghav and John worry about Ranveer. Here, the students congratulate Suhani and tell her that she does not have to leave her studies. Ranveer hears the conversation and looks at Suhani. The latter also looks at her. Ansh looks at them too.

Ansh tells Suhani that she will soon become a doctor and asks her to study well by going to college regularly. Rakesh announces that Suhani will go to college. Rakesh happily says that his daughter will make everyone proud by becoming a doctor. Ansh tells Rakesh that he is still worried about Ranveer harming Suhani. Rakesh asks him not to feel scared of Ranveer and asks him to pick up and drop Suhani from college. Suhani smiles and hugs her father.

Here, Ansh wonders how did Rakesh come to know about the news this soon. In the next scene, Verma Ji asks Ranveer to vacate the house. The flashback shows Ranveer telling Rakesh that he has been rusticated from the college so Suhani can study freely in the college. On another side, Suhani worried about Ranveer. She prays to God for his well-being. Later, Suhani collides with Vikrant. The latter gets upset seeing her. Vikrant’s bag falls to the ground.

Suhani picks it up and apologizes to him. Vikrant asks Suhani why has she come here to which she tells him that she came to meet Mamta. Vikrant asks her not to keep any relations with them. Meanwhile, Mamta comes and sees Suhani. She asks Vikrant to go or else he will miss his flight. Suhani tells Mamta about Ranveer being rusticated from the college. Keep following our site for more latest written updates of Sirf Tum. Stay tuned!

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