Susan Cox Powell Death, Young Sons’ Horrific Death Haunts Family – Cause Of Death

Susan Cox Powell Death

Susan Cox Powell Death, Young Sons’ Horrific Death Haunts Family – Cause Of Death: When they finally looked like they were about to close earlier this year, the coronavirus pandemic brought everything to a halt.

“I don’t know what I can do, they’re still dead. My daughter is still missing, and now the kids are dead,” Chuck Cox said. “I kept them safe … they were in my care.”

Susan Powell

His daughter Josh Powell’s wife Susan Powell is the mother of Braden and Charlie Powell. She disappeared under suspicious circumstances in 2009 and her body was never found.

In February 2012, Josh Powell committed suicide in a house bombing along with Braden, 5, and Charlie, 7, during a supervised visit. Josh Powell locked the social worker out of the house upon arrival.

Chuck and Jodie Cox and their grandchildren can be seen here.

After the home bombing, Chuck and Judy Cox sued the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) in civil court, claiming its negligence caused their grandchildren’s deaths. The lawsuit was dismissed in 2015, but the date is for the 9 U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to appeal and reinstate.

“The truth is, they were the only ones who could protect the kids at the time,” Cox said of the youth welfare agency run by DSHS. “They are in charge.”

Civil wrongful death trials began in Tacoma, Washington, in February, but were suspended in March as COVID-19 swept the country.

Susan Powell’s sister, Denise Cox-Ernest, told ABC affiliate KOMO-TV in 2012: “We took three precious lives and thought the same guy did it. It’s just devastating.”

To this day, what happened to Susan Powell remains a mystery.

She was reported missing in December 2009 while her family lived in West Valley City, Utah. That night, Josh Powell claimed he went camping with her son in the middle of the night. He said Susan Powell stayed at home because she was tired.

“As soon as I heard he was back and Susan wasn’t with them, I thought, ‘What did he do?’” Susan Powell’s friend Kiirsi Hellewell said. “Susan would never allow him to take the kids to the desert in the middle of a winter night. Never. I never believed his story.”

West Valley Police Detective. Ellis Maxwell, who led the investigation into Susan Powell’s disappearance, said there were no signs of disturbance or physical confrontation when investigators arrived at the home.

At the bank where she worked, investigators found a handwritten will in a safe that belonged to her. In her will, Susan Powell wrote how bad her marriage had become, and Josh Powell bought her life insurance worth $1 million.

“This is our strongest evidence,” Maxwell said. “These are her last words. There is no doubt that this document was written by Susan.”

Authorities also found that Josh Powell filed documents to withdraw funds from her retirement account about 10 days after she disappeared.

At the time of her disappearance, close friends of Susan Powell said her marriage had been in turmoil for years, and she even met with a divorce attorney.

“She was really happy. He used to be a good husband, and she said he had really changed. He wasn’t in love anymore,” said Anne Bremner, a lawyer for the Cox family.

Her friends also said that Susan Powell would complain about her husband’s lack of intimacy.

“He kept her away. He wouldn’t kiss her again. He wouldn’t touch her. He wouldn’t hold her hand,” Hellerwell said.

“Josh and Susan’s marriage hit rock bottom in the summer of 2008. Josh and Susan fought a lot. They fought in front of the kids. Josh showed extreme control over Susan,” Investigative Podcast Cold on the case host Dave Cawley said.

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Hellewell said Susan Powell emailed her frequently, saying she wanted to “do everything I can to save my marriage before I go.”

Chuck Cox said he was “frustrated” that authorities did not arrest Josh Powell after his daughter’s will was discovered.

“I think they have a lot of evidence to arrest him,” Chuck Cox said.

Police publicly declared Josh Powell a “person of interest” about a week after his wife disappeared. However, despite suspicions, Josh Powell was never charged with Susan Powell’s disappearance.

Josh Powell behaved strangely after his wife disappeared, family members said. He was spotted cleaning his minivan and garage.

“It was really weird to me because he was running around the house picking up a bunch of towels and putting them in the washing machine. Josh Powell’s sister.

Friends and next of kin also said he had never been involved in the search and had shown no urgency to find a wife.

“Josh never seemed concerned that Susan was missing,” Hellerwell said. “He was never part of the huge effort that I, relatives and friends started to distribute flyers in malls and parking lots (many of them).”

When detectives asked Josh Powell for details of the night his wife disappeared, he said he had no recollection of the events that led to her disappearance.

“I just don’t remember what activities we did,” he told Maxwell.

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