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Suspect Aaron Lamar Alexander Arrested


Recently a heart-wrenching incident took place at Gastonia NC where a woman and man were killed at their apartment. According to the latest reports, after the dreaded incident at Herman Drive near Lynhaven Drive the police get informed by the other resides of the apartment. The police reached the spot and started their investigation. The Police found a man shot dead outside his apartment along with another man. The man was identified as Carlton Scott Rainey 55 and the woman was around 33 years old. Both the victims were citizens of Gastonia. Get more information regarding Carlton Scott Raine death reasons.

Carlton Scott Rainey Shooting Death In Gastonia: Suspect Aaron Lamar Alexander Arrested

As per the reports, police found a suspect named Aaron Alexander 34 alleged for shooting his ex-girlfriend and her relative at their apartment. In addition to this, the Police reached the crime spot at around 1 PM where they found Rainey dead along with the ex-girlfriend of Aaron. They both rushed to the hospital where Rainey was declared dead by the doctors. It isn’t clear whether the woman is still surviving for her life. As of now, it came to know that it was Aaron who shot both of them and fled in his car from the spot.

Carlton Scott Rainey Shooting Death Case

Alexandra was last located in his car at East Ozark Avenue near Bryson street in the rapid investigation by Gastonia Police. The officials circulated the information and location of the accused in the entire Gastonia and in response, Gastonia Police Department officials deployed an emergency traffic halt and pull out Alexander was disguised as a passenger, he was armed at the time the Police arrested him. On behalf of the reports, he had a rifle in his car. As of now, GPD took the accused in the custody and proceed to further inquiry.

The 34 years old Alexander alleged murder and assault, the investigation officer also claimed that Carlton Scott Rainey was the family member of the woman living at the apartment. The authorities found the wounded dead body of Carlton outside the apartment whereas the woman was shot in the building. The Police assured that they will provide a stern punishment to the accused.

Police took Twitter to inform the citizen regarding the horrible mishap and shared that they discovered a case of Homicide wherein two people have been shot wherein 1 confirmed deceased. The tweet further reads that the police are aware of the citizens of the heavy deployment of the officials. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest worldwide updates.

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