Switchblade Drone Video Leaked On Twitter Reddit Check Images & Pictures: Ukraine

These days, when the dispute between Ukraine and Russia is not taking the name of calming down, then many other countries have come in the support of Ukraine and one of them is the United States. Yes, you heard right, recently the president of the US made a decision to help Ukraine while feeding them with uncounted weapons for the safety of Russia’s invasion. Around $800billion harpoon program to help the country, on this step many reactions are coming out because the drone video is started making huge headlines on social networking sites, so below you could check everything you need to know. 

Switchblade drone video

As per the exclusive reports or sources, this crucial help is making the security of Ukraine a bit stronger, to fight against the Russian Army. Even as soon as the video is being streamed by the users, uncounted reactions are coming to the fore, as some are appreciating the step of the US president, and at the same time, a few are unleashing the loopholes into the program without having any strong reason. But after getting the best contribution of the US, somewhere Ukraine got the encouragement back to fight against them.

 When we talk about the weapon around $800 billion dollars, so it is containing around 100 tactical, unmanned drones, and other strong ones. Those flying weapons are most powerful for the army to convict against Russia as they are blessed by all three air, surface, and water, crucial army weapons. Amidst all these, an authority also shared a statement through which they praised the power of those drones and their attack, which is attracting uncounted eyes. But they did not share many details about them, which is still remaining the hot potato, as almost everyone is keeping their eyes to get more, but they have hidden crucial updates under security purposes.

Prior to this, the Ukrainian Army is using the cavalcade of Turkish drones to drop laser-guided bombs. But now, after getting the support of US contribution their strength got the pump ahead. As they do not want to become the slaves of Russia, therefore, everyone is fighting from Ukraine to get the victory over Russia while saving their country. So here we have mentioned such details which have been derived from the other sources, so, therefore, when more will occur ahead we will update you for sure. So till then just stay tuned with us to know more.

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