Who is attorney Moiz Karimjee? All We Know About The Attorney In Question

Who is attorney Moiz Karimjee? All We Know About The Attorney In Question: Moiz Karimjee, a prosecutor for Tamara Lich, the president of the Freedom Convoy 2022 organization,

She was charged with counseling to commit mischief in connection with the protests that have snarled Ottawa for over three weeks.

She was detained on Thursday evening.


Who is Attorney Moiz Karimjee? Age

Moriz Karimjee is an author and Assistant Crown Attorney for the government of Ontario Ministries.

In his book “Issues in Criminal Trials and Summary Appeal Law,” Karimjee explains the law on over 50 offense-specific and particular issues in criminal trials and sentencing hearings, as well as the basis for launching summary conviction and sentence appeals, drawing on his years of experience and expertise.

As of now, lawyer Moriz Karimjee’s present age and birth details have not been disclosed.

In Tamara Lich’s case, prosecutor Moiz Karimjee requested that Lich be detained.

Karimjee stated that releasing her would make a mockery of our legal system.

Lich’s lawyer said that many people opted to participate in the Ottawa demonstration on their own, and therefore, Lich could not be held liable for all of their acts.


Tamara Lich Prosecutor Update and Hearing

Tamara Lich is a Canadian politician who served on the Maverick Party’s Board of Directors and is well-known for her help with truck drivers.

She finally abandoned the Maverick faction in favor of the charitable Freedom Convoy 2022, which raised funds for a series of truck driver protests.

Tamara Lich, the Alberta girl behind a now-defunct GoFundMe fundraising effort for the Ottawa event that raised more than $10 million, was arrested and charged with inciting to commit mischief on Thursday.


Moiz Karimjee, the prosecutor, emphasized Lich’s and her husband, Dwayne, ability to pay a suggested $5,000 bond if Lich violated any of the judge’s requirements.

Tamara Lich, the leader of the convoy protests, will have her bail hearing on Tuesday in Ottawa.

Until then, the Alberta lady, 49, will be held at the Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre.

Moiz Karimjee Lawyer Salary And Net Worth

According to sunshineliststats.com, as an Assistant Crown Attorney, Moiz Karimjee had a salary of $225,710.69 in 2020 with a benefit of $278.

Likewise, his current net worth is also reported to be in the millions, but specific figures are unknown.

According to the statistics, the remuneration for the position appears to be increasing each year.

However, no proper data about his current earnings or profits have been provided.

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