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Teen Bouncer Reveals Being Assaulted By Multiple Women Who Is He?


Recently, a piece of shocking news is coming in front of the users again and this time too it is connected with TikTok. Yes, you heard right, a teenage man security guard has shared his experience of being harassed at the workplace in the viral video, which is circulating in Tiktok and setting the fire as well. The victim has been identified as Charlie Jeer a 19-years-old boy who recently became a victim of harassment as he shared his expertise through the viral video to make the users familiar that not only girls are unsafe boys also faces the same situation quite often.

Charlie Jeer TikTok Viral Video: Teen Bouncer Reveals Being Assaulted By Multiple Women Who Is He?

According to the reports, the viral video is creating buzz from 15th December 2021 on Social media, because as soon as the users are watching the viral content their immense reaction is arriving out. Because sometimes, boys also would have to face such worst circumstances of harassing and teasing which hurts a lot as same as girls. So it would not be inappropriate to say that not all the time boys are wrong, sometimes girl also crosses their limits up to the extent, as Charlie faced recently, at just a small age.

Who is Charlie Jeer?

19-years-old Charlie Jeer is a United Kingdom resident and for a long-handling TikTok account where he posts such photos or videos for gaining popularity. Hence, he decided to make a video on the incident from which, he has recently gone through, as a few girls harassed him brutally and made him helpless. As soon as the users are watching his viral video they are giving him sympathy because harassment hurt more than anything no matter she is a girl or he is a boy, hence, everyone is slamming the girl whose involvement is reported in the case while harassing the boy badly.

Further, in his statement, Charlie said that in our society everyone needs to be aware of these things as well, because almost all the time everyone ignores this problem as they consider boys more strong. But sometimes circumstances took the worst face and the consequences could make anyone’s life hell, and wished to make everyone aware of this issue. Meanwhile, he mentioned that when those girls initiated harassing him and grabbed him from the back he tried to make him released and hence he pushed the girl. At that time, he felt helpless like a victim.

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