Texas Special Agent Anthony Salas Death Cause How Did He Die?

Anthony Salas Dead In Accident: Texas Special Agent Death Cause How Did He Die?

On behalf of the reports, the officer is quite popular for his gallant. The man of honor was considered as the foremost causality and first in officer martyred for the ongoing operation Lone Star going on at the Texas Crime conflict zone. In addition to this, the officer deployed at the Eagle Pass was trying to detain some illegal immigrants during the search. The officer and the crime-fighting agent passed away while serving his country met with a fatal accident.

Anthony Salas From Texas Death In Accident?

The entire police department of Texas is paying tribute to the daredevil officer. The leaders of Operation Lone Star also praised him as the proud member of the operation while chasing some extremely critical and high-profile crimes. After he met with an accident he rushed to the nearest medical centre but his health wouldn’t get stable again and continuously get deteriorated. Later, the official was airlifted to the San Antonio Universities Hospital facilities. The severe injuries caused by the accident succumbed him to death on 22 January 2022, Saturday in the morning leaving Texas in sorrow.

The police department took Twitter to share this awful news with the general public and mourn his death. They also send their deep and sincere condolence to the family members. Almost all the citizens of Texas are paying tribute to the diligent and lionhearted officer. The leaders said that the operation will get affected by the death of the officer.

Moreover, the officer joined the department in 2013 with his initial posting at El Paso stationed. As we informed you above the officer was deployed at Eagle Pass but this time operation didn’t go accordingly and the officer lost his life. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates.

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