The EVA8 weapon in Apex Legend was weakened, nerfed, and now deals less damage

EVA8 has weakened, but in any case, will EVA8 hit and switch from the spike group to the double-layered mastiff group? I thought it was good so I completed it on myself.

[APEX] Application content distributed today

HS triple tap multiplier reduced to 1.75
EVA-8 shot damage reduced to 6
G7 ammo count increased to 140, HS multiplier increased to 2.0
Double tap removed from ship
Fixed holes falling under the map on the new map.
A hidden element of the third person perspective can be created again in the shooting training ground.

EVA-8 Auto is one of the most forgiving weapons in Apex Legends. This is a fast-firing automatic shotgun that can save your life in difficult situations facing multiple enemies. Our Apex Legends EVA-8 statistics page details the various statistics of this shotgun, from DPS and rate of fire to the kill rate of the gun in different situations.

The EVA-8 may lack close bite capabilities similar to shotguns (such as Mastiffs and Peacekeepers), but its fully automatic features, large magazine capacity, and high rate of fire make it one of the most reliable and powerful weapons in Apex legend. Even in hip fire, the projectile spreads very tightly, which allows you to move faster in close combat.

The following section introduces all the statistics that may be helpful in understanding the EVA-8 shotgun in Apex Legends. The first one provides basic statistics, the second focuses on injuries, and the third section shows various processing statistics of EVA-8.

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