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Hey folks, Nowadays, “The Kashmir Files” movie is remaining the hot discussion among everyone, as regularly a new controversy is popping out while setting the buzz among everyone. But after delaying a lot finally the makers of the movie got the release date and dropped it in the theatres as well. Yes, you heard right, the movie is leaving the impact on the heart of uncounted people, as it is speaking out about those circumstances which had been faced by “Kashmiri Pandits” on 19 January 1990. But the entire attention has been grabbed by the star cast of the movie along with the real identity, so below you could get everything you need to know.

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The Kashmir Files Real Characters

As per the exclusive reports of sources, Mithun Chakraborty is playing a crucial role in the movie as a Brahma Dutt an IAS officer, while Anupam Kher is portraying the character of Pushkar Nath Pandit along with Darshan Kumar as Krishna Pandit. Pallavi Joshi as Radhika Menon, Chimnayi Mandlekar as Farooq Ahmed Dar (Bitta Karate), Amaan Iqbal as Karan Pandit, Prakash Belawadi as Dr. Mahesh Kumar, Bhasha Sumbil a Sharda Sharma, Puneet Issar as DGP Hari Narain, Mrinal Kulkarni as Laxmi Dutt Sourav Verma as Afzal. These stars have played the phenomenal characters in the movie.

It is being reported, that on 14th August 2019 the makers dropped the first poster of the movie officially, and since then, the movie is remaining the subject of wide discussion among everyone. Because while supporting the courage of the makers to show some biggest human tragedies a few are protesting against them. So that, they could stop broadcasting the movie, maybe those people do not want to let someone speak out about the issues of “Kashmiri Pandits”, but the time has changed as uncounted people are standing with the makers to release the movie.

The movie is directed by Vivek Agnihotri and he is the writer of the movie as well along with Saurabh M.Pandey. Tej Narayan Agarwal, Pallavi Joshi, Abhishek Agarwal, are the producers of it along with Vivek Agnihotri. Cinematography has been done by Udaysingh Mohite and Shankar Rajadhyaksha blessed it with great editing. Around 170 minutes of drama is being contained by the movie and these 170 minutes are enough to make you acquainted with which were faced by the “Kashmiri Pandits”‘ in 1990. So do not miss streaming the movie if you want to get deeper, and for more updates stay tuned with us.

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