TikTok Star Fresno State Student Devan Nicole Elayda Death Cause

The quite heart-wrenching incident is again reported from Cedar Avenue, which made plenty of people shocked, because a famous TikToker has lost her life in a hit-and-run incident at the same spot. Yes, you heard right, the accident occurred on Saturday, 27th October 2021, and the victim has been identified as Devan Nicole Elayda a 23-years-old social media influencer and rising TikTok star. Ever since the news took place on social media a wave of great sorrow surrounded everyone especially those who are close to her, as nothing is more heartbreaking than losing our close one, get to know more check the details given below.

Devan Nicole Elayda Dies In Accident: TikTok Star Fresno State Student Devan Nicole Elayda Death Cause

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the woman was driving approximately 180 when she thought to change her seat with the fellow near California Highway Petrol. As soon as she took step towards changing a silver 2017-2020 Lexus IS smashed into Nicole, and on the spot, she lost her precious life. This is the reason everyone says that ” carelessness can lead to a massive accident”, those who saw the incident through their eyes in short witnesses, their goosebumps have appeared highly, because the accident sound was too frightening that no one could even be supposed.

Who Was Devan Nicole Elayda?

23-years-old Devan Nicole Elayda was a college student, content creator, and social media influencer based in Fresno State. More than 50k people have followed her on TikTol this is the reason everyone loved to follow her. She had seen active on various social media platforms quite often because she loved to post her photos and videos on the app and therefore, around 5k people have followed her on Instagram. But she is no longer among us which is a matter of great sorrow and therefore, everyone is paying tribute to her.

It is being reported, that the driver did not offer any first-aid to the victim even he fled instantly which was inappropriate enough, because at the time of the accident she left some breath that can become the cause of her aliveness. But due to the carelessness of the driver she had to leave the world, because of the highway, no residential was near. But the investigation to find the culprit, but hitherto, no further details have been issued by the concerned department. But as soon as the investigation is going ahead several unknown facts are revealed.

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