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Today’s Kundali Bhagya Full Written Update 29th Nov 2021: Pihu Gets Kidnapped


In the latest written update of Kundali Bhagya, Pihu gets kidnapped. Yes, this shocking twist is all set to take place in the Zee TV serial. For the past few days, the popular show has been entertaining the viewers with high voltage drama and huge twists. No doubt, it keeps the fans hooked to the show and make them eager enough to search more about the story even before its telecast. Well, we are here with a glimpse of today’s episode of 29th November 2021. Take a look at the article below to find out.

Today's Kundali Bhagya Full Written Update 29th Nov 2021: Pihu Gets Kidnapped

The episode starts with Karan getting a call from an unknown number. He picks up and gets shocked to hear about her daughter Pihu being kidnapped. However, he doesn’t believe the man’s words at first and thinks about it as a prank. Karan scolds the stranger for disturbing him when he is already stressed. Later, the man tells him that he has actually kidnapped Pihu and adds that she is with the goons now. He asks Karan to go to the main door and to check the photographs if he still doesn’t believe that. The kidnapper says that he will also find an envelope there.

Kundali Bhagya Latest Written Episode

Karan scaredly shouts for Pihu. Everyone gathers and start looking for Pihu. Here, Preeta goes to the main door and sees the said envelope. She opens it and sees Pihu’s picture inside. Preeta gets shattered and screams in pain seeing Pihu being kidnapped. Bani, Kareena, and Rakhi also get shocked and start crying. On another side, Sonakshi, who happens to be the mastermind behind this kidnapping, gets scared thinking she will get exposed. Sherlyn observes Sonakshi’s facial expressions and thinks that she has done definitely done something. Sonakshi thinks about Pihu and wishes that she is safe as she is just using her to get Karan back in her life.

Sherlyn understands that Sonakshi could be behind the kidnapping. However, she doesn’t confront her and refrains from speaking anything. Here, Preeta cries as she worries about Pihu. Karan tries to comfort her and seems tense as well while other members also worry about Pihu. They ask Karan to fulfil the demand of the kidnappers and bring their Pohu back into the house. It will be interesting to watch what will Sonakshi or the kidnapper demands from Karan. Will Preeta and Karan be able to save Pihu? Watch Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV at 9:30 and follow our site.

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