Today’s Written Update On Sanjog 23rd August 2022 Episode

Today’s Written Update On Sanjog 23rd August 2022 Episode:  Hello, all the entertainment lovers, so, the longest-running and entertaining channel Zee Tv is coming up with the exclusive show Sanjog. The show started with Maa Sa telling Amrita to make up her mind if she is going to birth someone else. Amrita leaves from there and Alok says he hasn’t understood what is she talking about. Amrita replies that she loves her she further affirmed that they are going to become parents soon and everything will be fine for sure. Gopal and Gauri along with other people are trying to leave the farmhouse. Get more information on Sanjog  23 August 2022 Written Update.

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As we mentioned that Gopal along with Gauri is trying to leave the farmhouse. The security is seeking them. Gauri managed to come outside the farmhouse and appreciates it. Gopal asks Gauri to promptly exit from here. The security head gets tensed there and informed Amrita that some robbers tried to rob the farmhouse but failed to steal anything. Sanjay says Amrita will say a few words for Rajeev now at the party. Amrita blushes while giving a speech, she says that she and Rajeev have been married for 7 years and we still feel the same for each other.

Later, Rajeev comes for a speech and he also appreciates Amrita and says Amrita is the main reason for his success. Amrita says that she wants Rajeev as her husband in every life. Rajini there provoked Maa Sa that Amrita and Rajeev are living together for more than 7 years but still she couldn’t give a baby to him. Amrita and Rajeev are dancing together and are recalling their good old days. The flashback narrated the complete love story of Amrita and Rajeev.

The dance finished, Amrita hugs Rajeev and just then Lakshita arrives there and informed Rajeev that they have an urgent call with a client. Lakshita tells Rajeev to come fast as they are running out of time. Rajeev nods and leaves from there. As and when Lakshita finds that she and Rajeev are alone she comes close to Rajeev.

Gauri and her family took a sigh of relief after coming to their small house but Gauri was still thinking about the farmhouse. Gopal says that failing to steal anything because you get enchanted. Gauri says that they have to plan for something big, we were born poor but we wouldn’t die poor. Tune in to Zee Tv and watch all the exclusive episodes.

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