Tom Morris Leaked Video And Audio Recording Goes on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and, YouTube

WATCH: Tom Morris Leaked Video And Audio Recording Goes on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and, YouTube: As we all know thousands of videos went getting viral these days. One dispute takes the name of stopping, before that another comes to the fore. Yes, your assumption is right we are talking about Tom Morris whose viral recording is currently making the headlines of the newspapers. As per the latest report, a close pal of Tom Morris has disclosed that he was responsible for leaking audio viewing that the AFL reporter making derogatory comments about a female co-worker, but said he “did not expect” the clip to go viral on the web. Follow More Update On

Tom Morris

Tom Morris Leaked Video

Morris was on Thursday stood down from his position as Fox Footy journalist after a leaked Whatsapp chat surfaced on the web and a separate video emerged viewing him expressing disparaging views on ladies, homose*uals, Asians, and black people. The viral clips, which are understood to have been recorded late last year, were initially shared in a Whatsapp group prior to they have were leaked on Thursday afternoon.

A Fox Sports mouthpiece stated on Thursday that “Fox Sports has stood down a reporter pending a probe regarding an inappropriate audio recording.” One of the members of the WhatsApp group later disclosed that he was responsible for the audio clip becoming public after he sent the exchange to another mate. He stated his friend then shared the recording with many others, prior to one uploaded it on the web.

Tom Morris Leaked Audio Recording

The pal wrote to the Whatsgroup on Thursday night, acquired by the news outlet, that “I am obviously willing to cop it form you boys re this. I honestly did not expect a message to one mate to go round like this but I have well and truly learned my lesson. It is no excuse-I apologize.” The video and audio clips went viral within an hour of being shared on social media. The leaked audio and footage came less than 24 hours after Morris was on the getting end of a stunning eruption by Western Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge in his press conference after the loss of the side to Melbourne on Wednesday night.

In an all-time verbal spray, Beveridge rebuked Morris for an accurate report about Bulldogs premiership midfielder Lachie Hunter being dropped for the season opener. After the remarkable 3-minute tirade, in which he labeled Morris as a “gutter reporter”, Beveridge stormed out of his media conference. “You have got the nerve to ask me a question and even be here,’ Beveridge responded to the question of Morris about the pre-game drama.


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